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Everett discussed on News and Perspective with Taylor Van Cise


Really struggling in Everett now from that looks like right around sixtieth street southeast up past highway two up towards twelve street northeast your next come more traffic at twelve twenty four today's weather is great and cloudy with some light showers already starting up for some of us heavy rain comes our way for tomorrow and especially on Thursday weather service saying that on Thursday night alone we could see between one and two inches of rain fall on us right now in Seattle it's forty seven degrees stay connected stay informed Seattle's only twenty four hour news station como news to fifteen a come on Taylor fansites and bill o'neil is at the editor's desk Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says the impeachment process is going to fall along party lines the Kentucky Republican told reporters at the capitol that he anticipates an entirely partisan outcome members of the house will consider two articles of impeachment against president trump with a vote expected to come as soon as tomorrow and the FBI getting an earful for no the problems restrictions uncovered either by direction an inspector on general on I ninety the foreign intelligence Stevens pass on surveillance highway two or look at court traction said tires advised the agency for misled both directions it about you're next the facts couple traffic behind at two wire fourteen tapping a former trump campaign weather adviser for today it is ordering gray the bureau but to not propose as bad changes as what we expect to how tomorrow investigators here's to the get sweet permission little bit for slow future to warm up surveillance on this Tuesday afternoon family will eventually friends reach and about fellow the officers mid forties all saying and then drop goodbye back today down to with Jersey cloudy city conditions detective tonight murdered the rain in last is going week's to really deadly ramp shooting up after midnight and stick with us through Wednesday Wednesday's highs again officers in the stood forties outside in as the we move into Thursday rain here that's lining when we up get short another the shoulder round of filling systems the coming street for through blocks which could they gave drop a white glove salutis several inches detective of snow Joseph on a mountain stills passes body was carried and several into the inches church of rain in the lowlands police are here so from be all prepared over the country and be ready for that John made the I'm trip Denise from Maryland would occur in the it's combo important forecast to show center some support light showers for the family starting to fall around western the Washington officers department here in Seattle under and very send cloudy a message skies the community its forty that seven we stand degrees together when come these on things it's time happen stills to six leaves behind a wife what and five started children as a shoplifting he was killed by suspects incident within in shopper Marion last kosher night store ended last with Tuesday a van smashing through the front of that a Scott Ross Pringle store reporting the woman a Texas allegedly woman shoplifting and her baby ran have outside disappeared the store on First her fiance Avenue and jumped begging.

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