Bill Clinton, Mike, Facebook discussed on Politico's Off Message


The one who is what's the phrase that steve van liz you wanna liz rentfree in bill clinton's head anyway when he was saying i think he would agree with the part of the conversation that says there is a accountable linear link between the politics of that year scandal 1980 1998 and politics as it exists today and i think he would feel deeply aggrieved that uh rules and standards and the media assumptions that got imposed upon him uh are uh uh seemingly imposed with with the with no consequence even not riposte with no recant acquaintances on politicians let the uh that the follow including trump and we'd be he'd be jamming his finger into the table or or wagging at at uh probably your face mike he's done that before but um here's a question for you have we seen or heard much from bill clinton ever since the harvey weinstein scandal erupted he doesn't need a day on facebook on haiti uh and that's but at a ceremony has not been in public now which is extraordinary when you think about i television has been wanting to broderick has been you know we and cathy willie jones all these people coming out and saying woman mi2 announced they're starting a whole series called scandalous in it's not about the trump scandals it's about uh bill clinton skin i kinda think that's pretty telling actually i think the clinton i mean must be killing him because he's like you know such a public figure out as he can dane himself but the fact that he is not out there saying anything i think says a lot about how views have changed about the events were talking about today yeah i.

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