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The Yankees are going to run into a problem in the next fifty or sixty years the New York Yankees because they will not have enough numbers to put out a full team they retired so many numbers that they they're literally down to seventy eight numbers right now the only one you know seventy eight different numbers the you can be on the Yankees are a lot of them are even taking you can't be number one two three four five six seven eight nine ten you can't be one and the Yankees that crazy where you can't be fifteen sixteen twenty twenty three thirty two thirty seven forty two forty four forty six forty nine and fifty one how long before they start putting triple digits on the Jersey they're gonna have to or put a letter in our age yeah he they wondered what I'll do a one the name of the player on the back of the Jersey in New York but put a letter on there well I mean look at look at the players are listen to this I know you're a sports fan crozier how about these and these people have been retired you know something or little about about almost all of them Billy Martin Derek Jeter Babe Ruth Lou Gehrig Joe DiMaggio Joe Torrey Mickey mantle yogi Berra Roger Maris Phil Rizzuto Thurman Munson Whitey Ford don Mattingly Elston Howard Casey Stengel Mariano Rivera Reggie Jackson any bombing any Pettitte I'll run get re and Bernie Williams Elson Howard the only name I didn't know I know Elson Howard and I didn't know why George basada otherwise we gonna throw out you can't you know and they they retire number eight yogi Berra but bill Dickey had it before they retired it so they retired bill Dickey and yogi bear as number eight but you can't be one through ten on the Yankees not while that is a a crazy now I'm conversely the Los Angeles Clippers you can be any number you want all is not one or retired old Jersey not one there are there are players that are in the hall of fame that play for the club for the clippers that's probably correct yeah but but not one retired Jersey nobody went out into the hall of fame I don't think as a clipper Elgin Baylor I don't think he did I think he won as a Laker than any I think so and provide probably by down here is amazing that you know the clippers have been around for forever I'm you know since the set late sixties early seventies and they do not have one retired jerseys we're talking about like that the charges yesterday the NBA's got that the the a share in the revenue sharing thing and I think just for so long the clippers had an owner that just did not care about spending money on getting those writers yeah and and a so like it Paul Allen had owned or or what's his name that owned the clippers full of long before now they be more competitive it had better anger it's just this one time stands one half percent time but yeah Elgin Baylor number twenty two when in as a Laker and he's rehearsed your numbers retired as later later several chamberlain Elgin Baylor Gail good good ridge Magic Johnson Kareem Abdul Jabbar Shaquille o'neal James worthy Jerry west Jamal Wilkes I'm high I think kneels and also why Kobe Bryant they they retired both of Kobe Bryant's numbers eight and twenty four it's that's unbelievable but you're right I'll tell you a quick story about the clippers I had a friend who has since passed away but he has to be a an agent a sports agent he's tire sports I mean he represented sports figures and you know baseball basketball hockey and I fell and there was one guy who was the the it was on the clippers and he was gonna shopping around as a free agent and nobody else really wanted them and so you went back to the clippers and he was making six million dollars a year and said okay we're gonna sign for three more years for six million dollars a year and I what's his name is the guy who owned the clippers what's the name silver what's it what's the guy's name used on the the end the clippers the guy got rubble oh my god I've were all the people yelling at the rate you early yeah so Donald sterling said no no it's five million then now I season so he goes back to his client because you know we screwed up now there what they one off you five million a season any since grown because I'm not plain formed because all set out a season because I wouldn't say that it sees you guys if you set out of season you might sit out the rest your career he said just go play for five suck it up and you know we'll get you some endorsements or something else going on and work to try to get you another team so he goes back to Donald sterling and says okay Mike I'll sign for five and Donald sterling says and now it's for the house see is not crazy at sterling that's why there are no retired jerseys is at staples with the the eye chart with the clippers give him four million and one of those visors that that check was we used to wear face after yeah when I was a beekeepers outfits let's classic all right we're live on KFI heard everywhere on the I heart radio apps.

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