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Hey i'm amadullah burner and here are forced stories you need to know about today a bosnian croat war crimes defendant died after drinking poison in court while the judge was reading the court's verdict slogan nonprofit yuck who is on trial for war crimes during the balkan wars shouted i am not a war criminal in court after his twenty year sentence was confirmed he then drank from a small vial of unidentified liquid which his lawyer later told the court was poison this happened live on tv and corporate seedings quickly shut down after paul yuck announced he had dragged the poison he was rushed to the hospital where he later died probably ex suit accused with five other bosnian croats of conspiring to build a croatian state in bosniaherzegovina by ethnically cleansing bosnian muslims in the 1990s as oliver griswold put it on twitter a day where a war criminal drinking poison on live television is it even close to the biggest story of the day so we have more man losing their jobs for inappropriate behaviour at work matt lauer and garrison keillor are the two newest names matt lauer who you may know is the longtime host of nbc's today show was fired after an employee reported an incident of inappropriate sexual behaviour variety reported several allegations by women who work with lower over the years they also reported that lower had a secret button installed under his desk that allowed him to lock his office doors from inside without getting up here's lowers cohost savannah gut 3s emotional announcement on the show wednesday morning i'm heartbroken henao off my dare different only partner.

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