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Vincent letter stated that he killed his father in a fit of anger brought on by mental problems and years of resentment over childhood sexual abuse. He said, quote, I did not commit murder. The things that happened that night were beyond. And my control and quote way it actually happened that night according to fences letters, and he details this in these letters was this Vince was driving his father in his truck. Moving him to a closer nursing home with a plan to go kayaking along the way, but his father started taunting him during the ninety minute drive during which Vince stopped at an arby's and a gas station the taunting worsened Vince wrote, quote, my father started sexually molesting me. When I was six and my sister when she was three right mom tried to shelter us. But it kept on he continued to try to molest us as adults as they drove in said don't kept taunting quote. He was always saying filthy disgusting things to remind me of what happened he reached over and try to pull my head to his crotch, the voice. Voices took over from there. I started hearing voices telling me to kill people the voices in my head were telling me to kill my father, and quote why and to be clear about this to gilmer never said that his father was saying these things all the time. Like, the what he is claiming is at some point has father molested them for a series of years, then then it stopped. And then his dad didn't bring it up dad and talk about it. So now with his dad having some kind of dementia or whatever they're now riding in the car, and he's rubbing his son's leg and talking to them and harassing him about this time period. Almost. You know, an almost acting as if his son the doctor is not forty some years old or whatever he is at the time. But as as if he's a child, and so as that all that stuff is happening. You know, the doctor claims I dismissed, yeah. He says what what happened next was a blur, quote, nothing made sense from then on at some point he strangled his father and loaded his body into the back of the pickup, he waited until dark, and then stopped at food city and Elizabeth in to buy gloves and a tarp to cover the body in the truck bed. He stopped on a back road in decided to cut off Dalton's fingers and thumbs to try to hide the identity. He wrote, quote, I had a saw in my truck for sawing limbs in my yard. It took five minutes Vince told investigators he put the fingers in a plastic bag. And drop them in a river. This according to Carter county sheriff Hansen who met with Vincent prison on March sixteenth in this interview, Vince confessed to the murder on camera denying vehemently that he had planned the whole thing the sheriff and his deputies noted that Vince was acting very strange in that he was borderline incoherent rambling and couldn't complete a thought. And he was breathing hard shuffling, an agitated Vince told the man that he ended up in Washington county where he had lived in the nineteen nineties while studying as a resident at Bristol regional medical center in Tennessee saying, quote, I decided to drop the body on the side of the road..

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