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You know is lee brothers were known for taking progressive rock songs and calling it their own especially with. Ron is lee smooth vocals right on top of the song this song. Hello it's me. Like i said was written by todd rundgren. And they came out in nineteen seventy two but the eisley brothers did their version of this song on their album called limit up which was the twelfth album by the eisley brothers released on september. Seven nine thousand nine hundred seventy four and it was their second major distributed album with epic records under their subsidiary label called teaneck records for teaneck new jersey and this album was recorded at the record plant and los angeles california. And you know this. This album was hot. The detracts written by rudolf eisley. Oh kelly eisley ronald eisley ernie eisley marmon eisley and chris. Jasper i mean. They had some fly size on his album. Live it up brown eyed girl. Of course that was van. Morrison song need a little taste of love. Love is eve midnight sky part wanted to hello to me what you just heard and eight. I been good to you. Part one and part two and again this album in nineteen seventy four was number fourteen on the us billboard pop albums chart and number one on the top soul albums chart and we celebrate the eisley brothers right here on a bowl of soul and you need to know why you need to listen to a bowl of soul music from a little bit of the sixty sixty thrown in with similar seventy seventy mix well with the eighty eighty bring to boil the ninety s judge of the future. That's our recipe for a bowl of.

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