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Easier when it's just like the thing before it. Yeah before that but like all good things. This one starts from scratch notes. No blueprints no map to find are thinking everything from what we make in how we make it to what goes in and what goes out a giant recent button for all things. I'm asian. i we go. That within reach isn't worth reaching for we know because we tried reaching a little further half came up with nothing nothing so they reached a little further and came up with nothing. I there's all these like poetry and stuff in there the absence of something you know nothing. They have nothing right now. There's been jokes about. Maybe a will be nothing is it. Is there some sort of a minimalist aesthetic or approach here where it's like around the idea of having less not more or some kind of device or hardware that can assume the role of a variety of pieces of hardware that you currently own to achieve the same thing or is it just straight up trying to appear bigger or more interesting than you already are like if you meet someone on the street and they're like hey my name's will what's yours in the other person's like my name's nothing you're like whoa you know and you say you know you have a matrix. Moment of whoa. Is that actually your name. That's how so yes. I what is quote. Say really looking forward to what nothing has to bring to the market. You know what else. Maybe it's just a low pressure way of launching a kind of incubator or launching a kind of early stage thing that you will eventually pivot into something else and by calling it. Nothing in the meantime it lets. You takes the pressure off. i don't know i'm just. I'm just completely speculating right now. Anyway he's got seven million bucks in funding from tony. Fidel who's a former Apple adventure the ipod. Former ceo of nest kevin lynn co founder of twitch steve huffman co founder and ceo of. Read it josh buckley. The ceo of product hunt. And casey nice. That fellow youtuber are all invested in this case project. So he's got some names attached to it. We'll.

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