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On the campus the university Rhode Island tomorrow noontime game Rams and main first time since two thousand one the two top twenty five teams will be playing at URI Rams have fifteenth in the country main is twenty eighth in the country seventeen years ago. You are I was number nine main was the opponent again, then too. They were number twenty four almost sold out for tomorrow's game. Standing room only will be available after the final seats are gone. Bruins four one winners over Edmonton. They're going to go tomorrow night. Again, Edmonton only their second game of the year. Go to one nothing lead within the Bruins came back and scored four straight Philadelphia pass the giants thirty four thirteen twenty four to six the half Carson Wentz. Three touchdowns in this one. Eli manning. None and one interception early in the game. Barkley was fantastic for the giants. But that's about it. Sunday night. Football the Kansas City Chiefs in town to take on the patriots Chiesa five. No, Patrick Mahomes. One of the best quarter. Bax in the league right now. Statistically, anyway, he'll be up against Tom Brady. How that goes for him? I'm Steve McDonald NewsRadio nine twenty one zero four seven FM MAC. Thanks a lot for the Red Sox. Go tomorrow what's gonna be a chilly Fenway park. But starting tonight, it's the National League championship series in that opens up in Milwaukee with the brewers up against the dodgers. And here's Matt Napolitano with more for the LA dodgers. It's familiar territory there in the NFL CS for the third year in a row and for manager Dave Roberts. It's all about having a chance of falling short in the World Series last year. We wanna finish off what we didn't finish off in the Milwaukee Brewers. It's only the third time in franchise history. They are in the league championship series stage of the playoffs. As skipper Craig counsel. Talks about shifting focus following a sweep of the Colorado Rockies the different series, and it's different requirements for our for our pitching staff. Yoga Zala gets the game. One start for the brew crew against Clayton Kershaw for the dodgers. First pitch in game. One coming up shortly after eight pm eastern from niller park. Matt Napolitano, Fox News when they were celebrating in the locker. A room after they had taken care of business in the National League divisional series, the dodgers Yoshio puke feel to Cuban outfielder was being interviewed. And he said we're going to sweep the brewers and four games. Oh, you know. That's like that's like Aaron judge plan New York New York outside of the Red Sox locker room at Fenway park after game to that is what you call grist for the bulletin board. Boom. Hey, players take a look at that. Yasser? Yo Puig's says you're going to get swept in four games. How you guys feel about that? And then the brewers take the field. So you know, it's best to kind of keep your mouth shut in situations. Like that no matter how competitive you might be President Trump, of course with Kanye west yesterday. We talked about that. But he also signed the music modernization act into law with music stores kid rock the beach, boys. Mike love Sam more John rich, Craig Morgan all on hand to witness it to the music modernization act closes loopholes in our digital royalty laws to ensure that song writers artists. And producers receive fair payment for licensing of music. That's what Trump said when onto say been reading about this for many, many years and never thought that I'd be involved in it. But I did I got involved in it. They were treated very unfairly. They're not going to be treated unfairly any longer. So with those guys all hanging about in being the witness, President Trump took action. In addition to seeing artists seeing fare rates for digital royalties. The classic acts portion of the act assures artists of music recorded before nineteen seventy-two. We'll get master recording performance royalties to so kid rock on the scene along with Mike love from the original beach, boys. Sam more John rich and Craig Morgan to watch the president take action on that. Right. So it's all about royalties. You know with record labels, and what have you and now streaming rights, and you know, all all that stuff's coming into play. Now, it's a brave new world when it comes to music and artists getting paid whether you perform the music or you write that music, it's approaching seventy. O'clock clock. It's still raining out there remnants from tropical storm Michael to get out of here by about noontime. Let's see if I can make you one thousand dollars richer right now, you're.

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