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New, York Republican congressman Chris Collins of surrendered to the FBI after being charged with thirteen counts of securities. Fraud wire fraud false statements stemming from an alleged insider trading scheme that centered, on this Australian, pharmaceutical company that he had On the. Board of right so let's make sure that I can, accurately describe what was alleged the indictment does not allege that the congressman himself traded on insider information. About the failed results of a drug tot trial but that he passed information onto his son so that his son could execute trades and then the son apparently. Pass that information onto others including his fiancee's father who then, traded on the information and basically dumped their shares in the company the prosecutors alleged that allowed them to avoid more. Than seven hundred sixty eight thousand dollars in losses that they would have incurred if they had traded, the stock after that insider, information about the, failed, drug trial became public and then they further alleged that all three lied about their, actions to federal, agents and and made it even worse and the congressman denies that the company says that there was nothing They were not trading on privileged terms but the I was I was surprised as I watched the press conference for the prosecutors that they were they were. Trying him right there at the press conference showed the emails, they have emails between the company and the congressman and then from the congressman to his family right after within minutes. Of yeah right after learning about the the difficulties with the company Well that's where, that stands the congressman though says we've got it wrong the prosecutors got it wrong the press has got. It wrong and he says I'm not leaving this race in fact he's. You know he's like all the members of the house he's up for reelection this year and he says I'm staying on, the, ballot and some political observers suggest that he will win In the case trial between now, and November, so they think that. He will be returned, to the congress interesting, to see, now at some. Point we'll dissect the different ways. That the press, jumps on certain cases makes. A big, deal, out of, it with certain people and then they ignore. Cases from other people I would, I would argue, in large part because of, the are or the d. behind their name but We're happy to cover whatever is out there. Regardless of their political affiliation six nineteen on this Thursday and. Time for our headlines from the w. RV newsroom Gutman's prosecutor investigating the death of a toddler left in a hot vehicle for three hours. The governor and Charlottesville declaring a state of emergency ahead of this weekend's anniversary of the deadly. Night the right rally and President Trump's legal team reportedly refusing. To let Robert Muller as, President Trump about obstruction. Of Justice I'm Andy doernen your next news, at six thirty.

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