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ESPN radio. Sportscenter. Selected Sunday three weeks away Sunday March seventeenth. Yes. Same actress day, we find out the field of sixty eight for this year's NC double A tournament that defending national champion the Villanova. Wildcats right now. Bit of a tailspin. They've lost back to back games. They have dropped three out of the last four. They are no longer first place in the big east conference today. They are now trailing Xavier midway through the second half. Forty six forty four musketeers with the lead over the Wildcats ten twenty to go in the ballgame. Xavier's outscored Villanova by five Wildcats only have fourteen point nine minutes and forty seconds here in the second half still to come about forty five minutes from now the only other game where ranked teams are involved. Michigan state ranked tenth will visit number seven Michigan at Chrysler arena in Ann Arbor. Both teams tied atop the standings in the big ten at thirteen and three women's big ten college basketball news Rutgers head coach c Vivian stringer will not coach the remainder of the regular season, the final three games. He is dealing with exhaustion you missed the game earlier this week. And then the school in the conference said today she will step down for the rest of the season. She will coach Rutgers. Should they make the tournament which they are expected to follow the w g c Mexico championship? Dustin Johnson by five over Maury McElroy DJ sixteen under par Paul Casey on the dates five under par. Justin Thomas, eight hundred part of the day. Tiger Woods makes the turn. He is at seven hundred for the tournament. Nine shots off the pace. Coming up on Monday. We break down a Western Conference finals rematch between the warriors and rockets and recap the whole MBA swipe plus iron your spandex. It's the NFL.

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