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I want seventy communists. I learned and then i go to london. I stay out and someone is this right. He's an Is is our draft. And i wanted to have it was david. Bowie wasn't bad you weren't. This is a god chat. So you're are you open to reincarnate. Is that one of your famous. I'm open to. I love it because i'm annoyed about. Oh we did it again. And i'm i'm and they think being kind is i do think again after this at. I've had very lucky life. I've had them. What are the chances like. I'm and i'm like i must have been gandhian last life because i've had suggested lucky lie. I feel the same. And i'm like does that mean an- identify been not good in so my coming back as a fucking piece of shit domain like ended here. Dan natter men who was on crashing. Had a great bit where he's like. I hope reincarnation isn't true because my odds of being born in america twice very low. Very honest you're not supposed to really say that. I only want to be in the west. I only wanna be fat and easy but that is definitely what's going on but to that i say okay. There's a remember in the eighties. Those video game consoles you know like a stand up video game. If you play the game where this you're you're an actor in this one and a and a fake footballer next time you play pretty fun to be somebody else even if it is sort of like shit Beat but you need the memory in all. I'm doing something different. This is interesting rather than half and this is when we really do get into crazy town because if there isn't a memory if there isn't anybody keeping a record of it then it really is just two laser beams shooting into each other and the sparks shooting off for infinity. And it's just like well. That's just madness. yeah. I don't believe that i believe that is really. I don't know but i believe in. The spirit of reincarnation is that it's towards more understanding more grow. I love what terence mckenna says is the key it's all. The whole cosmos is evolving to higher and higher degrees of novelty more newness more newness more growth more change and i see it towards some sort of singularity of he he called. I forget what he calls it. But he's like. I can feel the future being pulled by this force. That's attracting time towards it. Yeah and he's like he feels like it's a benevolent force. Like it's a meaningful for us so i don't think we're just two laser shooting at each other and i can feel that like you looking at the sun like looking at you looking at katie. Being in this room on this day the sun coming in the window the way it is and it's not just me appreciating aesthetics. I have a sense that. I'm like this is sacred. This is this is good. Yeah let's talk we don't have to talk about like. Is it all good in a quiet moment. Do you feel like a. You know what i mean. Yeah in a neutral moment. You know when i was i'm sure you. Maybe you've mentioned something like this but the thing of you. The thing of sank. Someone told me like. When when i was depressed they would like say. Thank you to everything like everything like. Oh it's raining outside thank you. Oh i just just just say that's right. Yes that's that's it bret this. This office was locked. I've never in ten years. We've done this podcast. I've never been locked out of the office. I called katie. I was like we're going to have to do it in the bedroom. Which with leland. The house and the dog in the house dogs shit. It wasn't good. It wasn't where i want to do it. I wanted and i also for your say this is where we do the podcast. I wanna see the play. The real one. But i like this couch. I like the vibes. I feel like all the episodes of sank into the couches. Goodbye back here. And i was like i really want to do it. And i'm looking for the key and you're coming. It's two thirty. You're coming at three can't find the key and i'm getting a little bit pissed because Pete is a planner. I buy things in bulk. You'll never find me running out of soap. You'll never find me running out of like basics like if you need a basic you need some. Bandaids i got like i love planning similarly. I'm hide it like heidecke key backup. I open the lock box. It's not in their Who took it. We have friends stay here. Could have been one of them. Just moved it so now. I can't find the key and i can't find the spirit and mad because i'm like what is the point. We call them. Peter projects peter projects and want to get really obsessed about like. Well if this is locked them you go in here. What is the point if someone opens my fucking lock box and makes the key out ruins the system. I'm not even. I'm not mad at val. I'm not mad at anybody. I'm just mad at you. Get i call it. A locksmith and they came in like five minutes in abandonment. I meet yeah. I was kind of like put by that. And you know what in the middle of it i said out loud. Yes thank you and it works. It works every time and in that weird like jumpstarting a car. Like you're pushing two wires together like the car doesn't start you hot wire it. The car starts and i go. What is the big deal will do it in the bed went in and beijing but he gave me that that moment of fresh air. You know what i think now. Now you said that. I since i was little everything i did was for the story. Well i might as well do that will make a good story. Well this scary thing scathing. All right i'll do make a good story every evening. Standard's standard always wanted to stand up was scared of it and i was like well maybe ten. My grandkids that stand at once. You know what i mean. That's the way. I'll get myself to do this thing..

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