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Go have a bowling trophy. Mike Araj was pretty good. I'm not gonna lie to you little spin on that thing joy and not a good bowler. Pretty excellent Eddie house. What Eddie house look at the new thin. Eddie house for our radio audience. Let me describe what any house looks like handsome. How much you lose any like thirty. Uh-huh. How hooping playing basketball, and then changed my diet a little bit fish chicken rice. How come geez? Jeez. Did your wife say, no, no, no, not at all really are the big three the big three. And I mean, you know, what the other thing was I was you know, as I was walking around a little plump. I was getting compare. Everyone's like, oh, you look like your brother, and I'm like well. Yeah. I know we kind of got similar trae. But always been the handsome one. Yeah. And as I started getting compared to I'm like, you know, what I can't have that. No one let me fix this. Can't get confused with him. No more. I love you might he he loves you, Mikey. But he's a good looking one. So, you know, whatever. All right eleven years in the NBA first of all come on. Let's give it up for Kyle guy. Hit Noche three free throws. You're not no not impressed. Because that's what you do. I mean, he's the best shooter on the team. He probably was the best shooter in that game. He's supposed to walk up there and knock them down not to take anything away from the fact that he did it. I mean, but you've you've ran over that scenario every single year since he was eight years old whenever you're working out. You you you put them scenarios on your? So we're down by one. I got two free throws. I gotta make you've already lived a situation. And I is and him being the best shoot on its shouldn't be no pressure you so walk right up to their and knocked him things down is not as impressive as as everybody's making it out to be. I find was a foul. I thought it was a it was a foul. You got protect shooter. It was definitely a foul. He was getting hit on his legs before the ball was even released. He got fouled twice. He got fouled before the ball was shot. And then he got fouled because he wasn't able to land to land. So he got out twice. I always thought that that you have to protect the shooter that guy invaded look at it. He moves under him. You can't do that in the NBA or college. We keep. The inbounder what he should have that pass. It never happened that big massive in Sade in that direction. Anything anything going to the basket not allow a pass going towards the basket anything away from the best? You can live with that with one second because he the ball's going that way and he's got a heave along. But anything going towards the basket, you gotta try to protect it. And that's twice armor. Let Kyle guy. Get a shot at three he scored nine point six points in nine seconds. Yep. You're right. All right. So the athletic is it's like a sports page subscription based sports page. They interviewed about twenty five thirty percent of the guys anonymously and the NBA national a bunch of questions, and which player would you build around and they had Janas number one by a mile, and then they had Anthony Davis way ahead of harden way. I had a staff, and I don't get it because it's a guard wing league..

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