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It's now eight fifty one good morning. This is the California report. I'm penny Nelson. Well, the American Civil Liberties union, we'll sue to stop a decision by the US attorney general that allows for the indefinite detention of people seeking asylum in the US K Q E D, Julie small reports for more than a decade US immigration courts have allowed certain asylum seekers to ask a judge to release them on bond while they away to final decision on whether they can stay. They have to show that they have a credible fear. They'll be persecuted or tortured if they return to their home countries, and they must not be a threat or a flight risk in his decision, Tuesday, overturning the rule attorney general William Barr wrote that asylum seekers must be detained until their claims are decided that can take months even years. ACLU attorney Lynn are Lund them says that's unconstitutional. There is no more basic due process protection than right? A judge. Whether the government has to imprison you while you. You go through the process of establishing your right to live here. Attorney general bar delayed the change for ninety days to give the department of homeland security time to plan for the California report. I'm Julie small. Meanwhile, judge Dana said bra the same federal judge who ordered the Trump administration to reunify twenty eight hundred migrant families last year is now ordering the government to speed up its efforts to identify those separated children judge the bra wants a revised proposal by early next week this after a government watchdog revealed that sows is more separations than earlier known occurred at the border is yo-. You attorney league alert says a government report indicates there's a list of those children, or at least the raw data to make one. If that list exists or can be generated quickly that's a start. That's two months worth of children. And it's two months of children. We can help right away. US attorney Scott Stewart insists there's no list of separated kids and no easy. Anyway, to compile one welding on a Bill that would pave the way for more housing development near public transportation. Got a big end ovo from L as city council yesterday. It's a state Bill. So the city council does not have direct say over whether it passes but opposition from cities like Los Angeles helped kill the legislation in Sacramento last year. KCRW Zana Scott has more this measure Senate Bill fifty would override local zoning rules in areas. Close to major train and bus lines proposed by state Senator Scott Weiner from San Francisco, it would force cities to allow new apartment buildings near public transportation and jobcentres LA city councilman Paul Koretz who represents part of elis west side is leading the opposition to the Bill would allow five story buildings in the middle of single family neighborhoods with a goal of destroying those neighborhoods as the author Mr. Weiner has articulated Senator. Weiner says that restricting housing near public transit to single family homes, worsens, traffic and pollution, a lot of people packed the council chambers to speak for and against the Bill. Most of the criticisms focused on the Bill not doing enough to ensure affordable housing development while supporters said it would help address LA's housing shortage. The city council voted twelve two zero to oppose the Bill for the California report. I'm Anna, Scott in Los Angeles. Now, a company running dozens of assisted living homes across California is at the center of a federal lawsuit alleging misconduct and violations of the Americans with disabilities. Act K Q E D Michele Wiley has the story the lawsuit which was filed in the northern district court alleges that facilities run by brookdale. Senior living are engaging in a pulse of violating. The ADA gay Grunfeld is one of the lawyers representing residents lawsuit alleges that the rooms are not accessible that many of them. Them have thinks that are wheelchair can't roll under ledges that a wheelchair can't roll over the bathrooms are generally difficult to use for people in wheelchairs, it also alleges that there's a lack of trained staff to care for disabled residents and help them participate fully activities of daily living like group exercise that basically mean that brookdale is discriminating against persons with disabilities in the way, they run their facilities. If the lawsuit which is seeking class action status is successful. The company will be forced to compensate residents and change its policies brookdale, Tennessee based company which operates hundreds of elder care facilities in the US said misstatement that the case is completely without merit for the California report, I'm Michelle Wiley support for the California report comes from collective health..

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