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We have a special guest. Let's go back to the arena, Joe Micheletti. Welcome back to Emily Arena in Tampa and Joe Micheletti with along with The commissioner of the NHL, Gary Bettman, and we'll have Gary here in a second as he's hustling into the booth, which we appreciate you being here, Gary here, you know, I'm sinking back today. Just thinking about the playoffs and thinking about last year and what's gone on over the course of the last 16 months, I thought of you and I thought Here's someone that's got to run a professional league and at the same time personally go through with a lot of other people have been talking about go through. What has his last 16 months been like for you? It's been as it has been for everyone a time of concern, obviously not normal and a little crazy because we've all had to do things differently than we've ever done before. Whether it's personal or professional. Our priority from a legal standpoint was to finish the 1920 season. To get through this season to protect the health and well being of our players, our staffs in the communities in which we play and we had to do it all remotely because we weren't functioning the way we normally do, and we had tremendous cooperation more of the clubs. We had tremendous cooperation, especially from the players and the players Association and our fans have been sensational. But, you know, we hope that this effort was Well received as an attempt to give people some sense of normalcy and seeing buildings opening up and being like here in Tampa with a packed house. Hopefully makes people feel good that we're getting to the other end. Yeah, I know people that I've dealt with would be friends or fans, or, uh, you know, founded rather remarkable, with everything that was going on in the world, both Personally for a lot of people and dealing with covid and from a business side of all the major companies around the world that that we're in such dire straits that you were able to get this back. And here we are 16 months ago, and you're getting ready to present another Stanley Cup. Was there a biggest challenge of all this? We wanted to make sure that we had the resources and the wherewithal and the opportunity to do the things that we did. It meant that we had to be agile. We had the very focused on what our optionality would be, because things were being thrown at us on a regular basis without any predictability, And in that regard, the owners of the franchises have been unbelievable, both in terms of their support. And their financial commitment because financially this was a very difficult here because roughly half of our revenues come directly or indirectly from people at games. And obviously that revenue source was largely impacted. We'll be back with more from commissioner Gary Bettman right after this in conjunction with NBC Sports, you're listening to the Stanley Cup Final on Sports. The USA I struggled with symptoms like frequent gas and stomach pain. For years, I was bloated all the time with daily diarrhea. At first I thought it was when I was eating. I kept thinking it was stomach issues. So I did my research and talked to my doctor and we finally uncovered the truth. It was actually p I x a Quran..

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