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Group, maybe sees Alex Perez coming up natural chat with ABC isn't as delicate Terra in Washington. As we take a look at the president's decision to sit out the virtual debates, coders time 9 14 and updating traffic. Kira Jordan downtown Seattle on I five. It really is. We have this emergency repair work that's taking place on north. Then I five with Ship Canal Bridge, and it's been blocking two right lanes, and this has caused a bumper to bumper drive from Michigan all the way to that area. It's adding at least 35 extra minutes to your drive right now. So you want to try and avoid that that you could use 99 as your alternate route. However, we have a new issue. Their door found 99 at Republican. We have a crash that is currently blocking the left lane. Also in Seattle, or back that began this morning, heading westbound on the Spokane Street Vita between I five and 99. Now we jump over to the gorse area where ongoing police response has eastbound 16 blocked and being diverted onto Anderson Hill Road. Also e 16 that ramped out 1 61. That's also going to be closed that back up. It is now stretching on the highway three and stretching back for over three miles. And then once you actually get to Anderson Hill That's going to be solid and awaited Lift in road our next to come. Oh, traffic up 24. The forecast calls for mostly cloudy chance of showers by this afternoon. That will really be great for the commute. I have 65 rain overnight. Breezy.

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