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Eighty it's eleven forty two. Now sports. I here's Brad Heller data time change to the Yankees and Red Sox seven oh five star at the stadium tonight instead of one five because of the weather the Red Sox can clinch the American League east with a win. Jay Happel triumph event that he'll make the start the Yankees a game up on the as for home field in the wildcard game. Oakland is home for the angels. Tonight. The Yankees have called up top pitching prospect Justice Sheffield, they could get Aaron judge in aroldis Chapman back for the series. Judge only played a couple of innings in the field on Friday is first action since coming off the DL the Mets trying to play spoiler again will take on the Phillies again in Philadelphia tonight that Phillies have dropped seven out of ten their playoff hopes starting to fade away. It'll be Stephen Matt's on the mound after Zack Wheeler went seven innings last night. Could be his final start though as the Mets are considering shutting him down because of an innings limit. Meanwhile, Newsday says the Mets are expecting Tim tebow to be back again in two thousand nineteen season this year cut short because of a broken. Bone in his hand in July. The thirty one year old played eighty four games at double a Binghamton made the eastern league all star game and just an awful story. Iowa State golf champion Celia barking arose Amena was found dead yesterday. At a golf course near campus. A twenty two year old man has been charged with first degree murder. Police say cause of death has not been determined barking Arosa Matama the big twelve champion at April. She's the reigning female athlete of the year. And I was state and she was just twenty two years old sports. I it's twelve and forty two I'm Brad Heller eleven forty three. Having.

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