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Hazard at a military installation of the Deep South has been tossed out of court a federal judge in Gulfport Mississippi has dismissed a lawsuit by a military family they claim they were second by toxic mold at Keesler Air Force base in Biloxi the judge said the family failed to prove through expert medical witnesses that their illnesses were specifically caused by mold moisture and mold have been reported in more than ninety percent of the housing on the air base built after hurricane Katrina improperly installed air conditioning systems and duct work or being blamed Jim chrysalis CBS news fifty one your former Kirkwood dentist accused of threatening three singles county judges in connection with a child custody fight and divorce the post dispatch reports Jeffrey router delivered to the homes of the three judges a demand for a two and a half million for two and a half million dollars an apology shared custody of his daughter and to purge all cases against him he allegedly said of his demands were met he be compelled to take preemptive defensive measures he was arrested Wednesday in Bonn tear after initially refusing to surrender cable X. news time five twenty three as we told you yesterday on camelback some experts are concerned that cost is pushing people with life threatening emergencies to urgent care centers as part of our look at the condition of urgent care Megan Lynch tells us about one company that may refuse to pay your entire ER bill if you make the wrong choice in twenty seventeen anthem launched emergency department review anthem says it's an effort to reduce the inappropriate use of ER's basically if the insurance Kerrier decide you went to the wrong place they can refuse to pay unfortunately what they're doing is they're looking at the and diagnosis I met with doctor Evan shorts in his office in the Washington university medical complex forts is president of the Missouri college of emergency physicians when people present with complaints it's really hard just based on their chief complaint to know if you have an emergency or not if you come in for chest pain it may be nothing it may be a sign of a heart attack and they expect just someone without medical experience to be able to differentiate that I don't think it's fair Schwartz says it can take multiple tasks to get to the right diagnosis it all comes back to the patient thinks they have insurance they think they're having emergency they go to the emergency department and then you know weeks later they get this huge bill that station and have been stopped when I.

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