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The Kennedy Space Center in Florida is preparing to launch NASA's next moon rocket later this month from member station WMF in Orlando, Brendan Byrne reports. The first flight of NASA's SLS rocket and Orion space capsule will carry no crew, but will lay the groundwork for future missions taking astronauts to the lunar surface. Crews at Kennedy Space Center will roll the rocket to its launch pad in about two weeks with a launch as early as August 29th. The goal of NASA's Artemis one mission is to test the vehicle in deep space on a more than monthlong mission around the moon and back. A Republican congresswoman from Indiana has died in a car crash, 58 year old Jackie, while lorcan died in Elkhart county, Indiana, won a car from the opposite lane crashed into the vehicle carrying Waldorf, also killed a member of the congresswoman's staff in Washington and a state GOP staffer. On Wall Street, the Dow Jones Industrial Average gained 416 points closing at 32,812. This is NPR news. From WAB. News in Atlanta, good afternoon. I'm Jim burris. It's 5 32. The Atlanta city council has voted to donate more than $7 million to the community foundation of greater Atlanta to relocate residents of the forest cove apartments. As Christopher alston reports, this comes after Atlantic condemned the apartment complex late last year. Atlanta mayor Andre Dickens said the city would work to rehouse all of the forest cove residents after a W ABE investigation highlighted squalid conditions. In May, the council authorized a $1.5 million donation of American rescue plan act funds to start moving families. This week's city council vote increases the investment to the originally promised allocation of around $9 million. As of the end of June, 21 out of 200 families had been relocated. The apartments in southeast Atlanta were set to be demolished by the city after all residents were moved out. But last month, the city agreed not to do so after the owner of forest cove, Ohio based millennia announced plans to redevelop. Christopher alston, W ABE news. Home prices in metro Atlanta may not be increasing at the same rate. They have been over the last year. But as the Atlanta business chronicles crystal Evanston reports, that doesn't mean they're decreasing. Home prices in metro Atlanta aren't going up as fast as they once were. The latest S&P case schiller report shows home prices increased about 26% in May. That's nearly the same pace as the previous month. Analysts blame higher mortgage rates which are helping to cool consumer demand. While Atlanta home prices are no longer increasing at record rates, they are still rising faster than the national average and at 26% Atlanta still has a way to go before home price appreciation gets back to a normal

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