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To Lisa Jaffe a man died while out on lake Ballenger in Mountlake terrace this afternoon firefighters they responded to a person a swimmer in distress there on the lake in Mali terrace has pretty sad story friends got the victim aboard rafted some CPR we watch kind of as a rescue this person bottom shorter firefighters and rescue but continued at C. P. R. but unfortunately the C. P. our efforts in the life saving efforts did not work cats come most Preston Phillips the mayor of tonight could face criminal charges after an incident at a social club last month como's bill o'neil with the story the incident happened at this and I know eagles club early on July twenty eight were mayor Wayne Fortier was with a group of friends that have been cut off from drinking allegation that one of the employees female employee was assaulted and then shortly a short time later when an employee advise that she was going to contact law enforcement the phone that was in her hand was was knocked out of her hand Brady says for me and his group then left no one was hurt Japanese are recommending a fourth degree assault charge prosecutors are now reviewing the case bill o'neil komo news we told you last month how it appears Amazon is under investigation by federal antitrust investigators Facebook Google and apple may also face scrutiny now the Wall Street journal reports a group of state attorneys general is preparing an investigation of the round up to twenty states could take part of the investigation but the journal says it doesn't know which ones yet the investigation could be officially announced as early as next month the companies aren't commenting but have said in the past they embrace competition time running out for governor Jay Inslee to qualify for an appearance at the next democratic presidential debate Insley and his team are celebrating on social media they met one of the requirements to appear in the next debate one hundred thirty thousand unique donors to his campaign but he also needs at least two percent support in for Nash Anil pulls in easily so far as getting zero to one percent nationally to Lou only Rooney of The Washington Post tells CNN is not completely out of the question FOR Insley to make it but it doesn't look very positive.

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