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Continents and wage successful campaigns ranging from stopping mining and the annihilation of the endangered snow. Leopard in Mongolia to brokering major ocean conservation negotiations in the Cook Islands. The Goldman environmental awards have been granted to one hundred and ninety four winners over the past thirty years for KPFA. Pacifica radio on Karen, Smith's rains. Pounded parts of northern mas- Mozambique today several days after cyclone Kenneth struck the southern African nation while the United Nations said a woke workers face difficulties in reaching thousands of survivors. The government said that death toll rose to forty one the rains and flooding kept needed supplies from arriving in the main city of Pemba and will be a challenge in the days ahead as more wet weather is forecast. The government again urged residents of Pemba to flee to higher ground more than twenty two inches of rain falling in Pemba since Kenneth made landfall on April twenty fifth. Just six weeks after cyclone a die torn to central Mozambique. It's the first time to cyclones struck the country in a single season. And Kenneth was the first cyclone recorded so far northern Mozambique in the era of satellite. Imaging the United Nations. Humanitarian office said up to three inches of rain is forecast for the next twenty four hours and rivers are expected to reach flood stage by Thursday. Citing UK aid analysis saying it's the end of the rainy season and rivers already are running high. The government says tens of thousands of people in to districts north of Tampa and on IBO island need food and shelter about thirty five thousand buildings and homes have been damaged or destroyed at least three bridges of collapse. Stranding residents of some communities. Black women lawmakers and activists rallied in support of democrat, Muslim congresswoman Ilhan Omar today outside the halls of congress. Amidst of backlash against her let in part by President Trump, Omar the first refugee elected to congress has faced harsh criticism for her support of Palestine and her criticism of Israel, President Trump likened, Omar the perpetrators of the nine eleven attacks on Twitter earlier this month speaking to her supporters. She said there was little difference between antisemitism and Islam. Phobia and blamed Trump for spreading hate the occupant of the White House.

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