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But she learned how to make like Mexican food. Really good. So we just All that Steph. stuff. And so it was also one of those things where it's like, well, there was a place. I don't know exactly where it is. But it's it's called. What is it's the name of. I can't even I had it in lost it, but it was his place that was very crews. It was called Veracruz. It would go there all the time as a kid, and I would always I was a picky boy. So when I was like four or five years old, I always ask for a hamburger, and they would just make a hamburger with the ground taco meat, and it was really really good. But they kind of sloppy Joe ish. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And I I as I got older I started to appreciate the Mexican food more. But right. Spots. We would be I used to love. I in in the taco burrito debate. I used to be big on burritos used to really really breed. Right. But I think I think I'm a taco boy. Wow. It's disappointing. Burritos rule us do raw saying, they're both great. I like tacos more. But they're both great. I just eat tacos more. But yeah, I think I can sometimes a burrito. We'll just take me out. Like, I was like, oh, well that I ruined my day so full, but like I could eat like a good amount of tacos and be like, okay. That was that was a regular sized meal. Oh, I went to fish tacos. The other day that place on hillhurst is incredible. I don't know if you've been there before. But it's it's the best fish tacos. They right. The hubris of that name and yet they live up to it. Yeah. Yeah. It's it's if you haven't been I think, it's it's probably the best. I mean, it is the best fish tacos in Los Angeles. I think quite good. The real good a lot of people make arguments Ricky's, I haven't been to Ricky's. I gotta go to Ricky's. I haven't advocates either. I've had I've had best fish tacos for got over decade. But needing those things and they're good. They're really good. They Nick they do live up to their name. Hey, no week ago on Thursday. I went within the week. I thinking thinking we should follow best fish tacos lead and renamed. Oh, boys. Best worst pot. We'll take a break right back with more show. Welcome back to Doboy your with Matt what ACA we are talking much madness 2019 mouth of the border. Here are the rules are competitors. Del taco, Cuba, tacos and Britos only sides stay on the sidelines. Drink the Gatorade jug, also on the sidelines. One taco in one burrito from each chain and eaters choice, go crunchier, soft streamlined or loaded. Whatever protein you want that is up to your individual discretion del taco, we I reviewed actually we.

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