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Reactionary they wanted to get through the weekend while they're now through the weekend And and then just kinda let things settle a little bit. So you know andrew brunette probably better than most Just historically speaking real sharp hockey mind you know funny guy. So i'm wondering what you think of. Even the interim appointment of of brew as head coach now of the florida panthers and whether this is something bills either on the panthers should consider long-term. While i was it was hard to be happy given the circumstance For grew to become the head coach. But i was happy that he was getting an opportunity to do it at one of my favorite teammates of all time honestly one of the funniest people on the planet. Here's another thing about him. He didn't make the nhl till he was twenty seven. He scored led the american league in scoring not fast enough not fast at nine. Twenty seven before they expand to nashville and brew gets an opportunity than he ends up. In minnesota another expansion team then he ends up in atlanta another expansion team scored the last school ever on patrick wa in game seven against minnesota in overtime and i said to a wall must looked at that at that. Highlight clip said brunette. Deked me it's time to retire. It's so brew ended up playing a thousand games so my point drake's is that he was a grinder of the game. He's he loves the game he loves the nuance of the game. I he's a fantastic people person. I think he would be a really good head coach now. Would they continue to allow him to be the head coach or do they look at some other more. Tried and true guys because man. This is a good team like do you want to do. Are you comfortable enough with a man with two games of head. coaching experience. Now to be your head coach i. I don't know what bill zito will will find there. Yeah and you've got the relationship. Historically with bill zito in columbus and and john tortorella hence the john tortorella speculation possibility on them whether he's a fed there I mean we. Some of us in the media always look towards his potentially being the closer right So the the opportunity here might be a fit but deer point. That's up to bill. Zito and ownership of the florida panthers. Why don't we wrap up headlines with two for one here and again we're acknowledging you know some of the real positive starts at the clubs around the league less than ten games and as we record saint louis section one. Not saying they didn't see this coming. I'm surprised how strong they've been boffa. Five two in one under donna. Granato surprise. Knock that don has had the influence that he's had but come on. I mean they're they're still very much in a transition of not a rebuild start was lumped both those teams in the final piece of headlines here. But i've just had enough jordan bending and and and the the antics and the nonsense right i mean. There's no disputing. He's al of a goalie is down. Come champ deserves. Respect the the waving of the stick swing and all of the at some point not advocating at some point..

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