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And dropping five hundred bits next up steam mm some Grand Prix has had a negative effect for indies so valve's steam semi southside this week and had an unexpected consequence on the indie gaming community taking part in the Summer Sale Grand Prix this year that the audience would win a chance to win a game off their wish list this had the unfortunate effect of people take enough lower price games off their wish list so people would increase the chance of winning the High Price Games indie game developers report this meant many lower price games which are often indie the titles were removed from the wishlists indie developers relying wishlist additions to let audiences know updates like items in the sale for example valve did issue a clarification after the event saying when is would get the game at the top of their wish list and they said to clarify one point if your team makes it to the podium and you're randomly chosen to win something you're steam wishlist then we'll grant you the top item. Just move your favorite item to the top your wish list and you should be good to go. There's no need to remove move other items from your wishlist keyed them. They're so you'd be notified when those items release or go on sale valve also said we've heard your feedback about the complexity of the Steam Grand Prix event we designed something pretty complicated with a bunch of numbers and and rolls and recognize. We should have been more clear. We want to apologize for the confusion. This is cause and also apologized for the broken mechanics which have led to an unbalanced event. You can find out more about the steam semi Grand Prix event on the steam store pages ages and if you go to this week video games and search up summer Grand Prix you'll.

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