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Sister who's toys can talk and live their lowest sides. This is the quickest anyone's rolled through all these. Yeah, he's made me up my game. He's. You were so ready to say before him I came in after he said west and you all of west side story before he got to, I'd. This really my sweet spot. I think that's all the all the foreign after's. We got a couple more things that we want to do here. Look health plan. Good bit. Nice. Could do. I think. In the video. I want to try this new idea and it's a new game, and it's gonna come with. The caveat I talked about this. What's going to happen is I'm going to read a Roger Ebert review until you can guess what movie it's four. Got it. And Todd, Roger, Ebert views and everything. This isn't very recent obviously, and he's dead right. He's the one who lost his job. Yes, they're both in now, right? Yes. Siskel and Ebert fiscal died. I. Yeah. Okay. But Jim Oberstar. Yes, he do it with anyone else. I think he still has like, oh, it's basically like a web show for stars or something like that called like at the movies with Roper. I think it is a continuation of the show and gene Shalit still alive. I mean. Yeah. Still, and I wonder what he does now, where's that moustache? So we got to get gene Shalit on the podcast. Good. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, okay. I'll send an Email. I've he'll do it. He will do it. Funny funny about gene challenge, huge Trump's border. With turned down being. Mustache. He said, it's just an understanding. It was okay. Read this year, if you think you know taught if it's like something you have read, because you said you then you can just be, I think, I know raise your hand be to yell at all right. Okay. Here's the review. This movie does not scrape the bottom of the know undo already to okay, notoriously famous review of, okay, this barrel don't it. This movie isn't below the bottom of the barrel. This movie doesn't deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence with barrels my cat, many years ago when surrealism was new, I'm gonna say this wrong Louis Buni El Salvador Dali made own Sheehan, and alot films shocking Boone will that Boone wealth filled his pockets with stones to throw at the audience. If it attacked him the star, this movie whose film is in the surrealist tradition may want to consider that same tactic. The day may come when this is seen as a milestone of Neo surrealism the day. Zoo, believe them away. I think this is a milestone of rose him. This is a vomit, Tori consisting of ninety three minutes of the lead actor doing things that a geek and carnival sideshow would turn down six minutes into the film, the character leaps from his car to wag a horse penis. This is we discover naming device to be matched by seeing later in the film when he sprays his father with elephants seem. Freddie. It's a good movie. And of course he doesn't. Does that it is realist. Let's kinda weird and wonderful about Roger Ebert is he didn't say this yes exam, which is what everyone said when their view exactly he got doing. He didn't appreciate what he was doing. Didn't think that it was doing it well, and I would agree with that also love that he sought for what it was, what taking a total totally different interpretation of that than I see this movie for what it is. I just don't like it. He said it doesn't even I think grape the, I think there's something to just giving it the same amount of weight in a review. He would something else xactly the only time he didn't do that was like not like the human centipede doing. This doesn't even deserve to use Bigalow. He, he got a little more personal than he usually did. Yeah, but that pretty finger, that's one of his one of his best ones also, I really that movie makes me laugh extremely hard. Every time green was the best green finger, though that's it's worth watching. It's just it's ridiculous me up. You never seen. Freddie out finger. That's the one that people bring up more than anything. Fingers working title was die while hard. Could be. We got what we do. Sometimes fans rice scripts and cinnamon of the show. And so if we have one here for resident evil. Okay, I'm gonna pass around..

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