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About he did which was Saturday night party with Julie Martinez and DJ true I don't know it's the person that is just we don't know when this is Saturday night party which you in Martinez and DJ drew a I can feel the the young I can feel we I can feel the young we could just Kitty says control the the judge or what it is the Saturday night party you know what I it was a girl seven the Saturday night party with Julie Martinez and DJ drew easy do you to easy you know there's no need to nine Saturday night party with chewing Martinez DJ drew are you still okay this way two point seven of two separate jury Martinez D. J. drama the Dream Team in for the Saturday night party we have video was up you guys check this out if you all heard about this summer get away were trying to hook you up with yeah tell us why you deserve a summer get away for a chance to win a thousand dollars to go anywhere you want because when a brand new twenty nineteen Ford Mustang dot com keyword get away go go do that right now man seven dot com he word get away you got to give me a writer you must when I so we throw Saturday I've already suffering.

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