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So yeah yeah generates you know that fear when generates this willingness to to to give up a human rights and the pro the real problem is its met with a means something completely different in this modern era of big data than it meant twenty years ago uh governments have so much data this is a perfect example that they really can act on this stuff in a way that is very scary uh can't to add like that all over here though no i hope not i think we have i don't think that's going to happen here i hope it's not anyway uh although off although if you're the marriott employee who hit the like button on a tibetan separatist group maybe maybe think it could happen here he uh he was working for the mary at corporation in the united states um he actually he was only of fourteen dollar an hour job he ran social media accounts for a marriott and he was using an official company account to like a post on twitter uh from a tibetan separatist group china complained a got the guy fired marriott fired him on january fourteen because area mary it's got business in china so not only that you can't speak freely in china you may not be able to speak freely outside of china if the company you work for has some relationship with a cia it also just from workers are more likely to be impacted by incident.

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