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From studio ceasing yours seed within the stinking bowels of the armstrong and getty information complex. This is the armstrong and getty show for this monday. The twentieth of september year of our lord twenty twenty one and they were under the tutelage of our general managers. What was i going to go with the emmy awards. Really got to nominate. Oh boy that's a yeah In terms of a conversation. I'd say a booster shots and that's a good one interesting North actually just sitting here ruminating on the fact that every monday. I come into work and have the same feeling. I have no memory of this job. How does it go. What do we do You know darker. General manager gabby boyfriend a the tragic drone strike too much of a downer. They still not know. Gabby boyfriend is that is mine to the best of my knowledge is still vanished into the wildlife preserve whether to administer self justice if you will or cowardly escape from justice if you look at it like that so i don't know maybe just high now like ted kaczynski in the tent. So he took off some time on last tuesday from his parents home. His parents didn't alert authorities. That oh yeah. By the way the guy is suspected killing the girl she our son he left days ago. We probably said something. They didn't tell anybody till friday can prove at all that they know what he did. You've got to hammer them for being accessories after the fact don't you. Oh absolutely and if you didn't hear the headline and then we'll move on because dark. We can talk about it again later. But they found remains of a body yesterday that are consistent with her so they believe at least that end of it is answered. Horrible yeah pretty horrible Drone strike another horrible story. We should talk about that later. The you know. The twelve thousand migrants at the border would be a good general manager. Is there a lot of them are still there. Although they're bussing fast as they can into places unknown in the united states to try to get him out of there so that's the way that works. Wow wow i'm here is a. I thought there was such an interesting tell from the media over the weekend that i found fascinating around the whole booster shot thing so on friday. The fda came out and said yeah. We've we looked at the data. We just we don't think most people need booster shots and instead of you know the reaction being Okay well that's good. You know now i don't have to make an appointment or another shot or whatever. It was just disappointment from somebody. People and i found that psychologically fascinating so. I'm watching the news yesterday and they would have a different people on. Yeah we're ready to go. I mean it's just it's you know it's it's it's a real setback but we're ready to. We're ready to try to get the wait is it. Why is it a setback. The scientists decided. You don't need one now. i gotta jump in there. I don't think that's what they decided. They decided they didn't have enough data to approve the idea of information. Okay fine but the same same result. Same result in that. The science doesn't make it obvious that you need one phrase it that way. So why are you disappointed. You as a superintendent. Edison school they had for an example. Or you as journalists. Why are you disappointed that you don't get another shot it it so it proves to me that it's what you've been saying about masks masks failure versus people that You know horrified by masks or people that are in love with masks It's the same thing with the freaking vaccine. These people that just just want to get a shot so even though the scientists say well we can't. We can't conclusively say that that's necessary right now. Oh that is really disappointing. Why disappointed do you do. You have your own personal evidence that you need to get the booster back seen or you just in vaccines. You're just in love with getting shots. You like the political story. You're on the side of vaccines are good so just the more times. You get jabbed in the exactly. I'm going to balance out every trump voting ignoramus by getting seven vaccines myself. I just found that fascinating. Yeah you're disappointed that the doctors decided then. We don't know that you need one yet fully into the nfl season and some shocking upsets yesterday It's very much like sports. Team ruder ship in a way. There's no rational reason. I should root for one team over another other than maybe you know geography and yet people invest their egos in it their emotions they buy gear go to games etcetera etcetera we. We have a couple of sports teams. Yeah i get it for the football. I don't get it for the vaccine if you tell me today if the doctors came out today if the fda came out today and said all the if you got the booster shot in april like i did. It's wearing off next month. You need to get looser. i'd run out and get the booster. And if they tell me now you're good for another year you don't need it yet. Then i'd wait a year. I have no interest whatsoever other than just what they tell me is a good idea. Yeah it's the jabber massacres versus the leona tyrians in tonight's match up monday night football. I don't know i'm just. I'm exhausted by the by the dumbness of it at times. Yeah for individuals but you would hope that the world's leading media that did abandon all hope all ye who enter here. Apparently she just surround watch ted lasso all day long. That's what a person should do. Chiro fell up. Have a better attitude about life and whatnot. Well until the end of the season when well spoiler alert what you know something. The rest of us don't know well. It takes a turn for the dark. The cherry demeanor the relentless optimal gotcha seem. Oh my i thought you were talking about like in future seasons like he's going to turn out to be a serial killer. Something that would be turned. Yeah i'd say the shocking turn So we do have to talk about all that the Is the three point five. Trillion dollar human infrastructure. Package you into pass or not. I don't even know if it's going to be brought up for vote so We'll get into that. I submitted look. David has learned to speak french. Because we'll be france then i don't know why our language would changing society and form a government. Anyway we gotta start the show. Officially though so i'm jack armstrong. He's joe getty on this. It is monday september twentieth one day. Summer left the. You're twenty twenty one armstrong and getty and we approve of this program. Okay let's begin. Show fishing now according to fcc rules and regulations so much to get to. Let's do it at mark I wanna thank folks at snl olympic lauren. Who went to go. Take a dump now. What he Flagged if anybody had watched the emmy awards last night they have enjoyed that joke that would have been controversial. Had anybody seen it right there would be discussions today whether or not that was okay. Had any human being shed even a single one but nobody did so forests sound cetera. Who cares how does mail bag look. It's actually quite good. We have one email in particular that will fill you with envy anger self hatred and despair to look forward to fantastic. It's running through many of your human emotions right there in one email all do all. Those space tourists landed safely over the weekend right. After four days in space the greatest trip regular mankind has ever taken thank god several days around the earth the.

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