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Was what is raising money using act blue as a resource and a lot of people on the right are making a big deal about that. Blue is just technology company. That's not where the story is in my humble opinion They just they built APP. So if you have a foundation and you WANNA, start accepting donations. And you don't have the manpower or the know how to build an APP. Let's say that people can use their smartphones to donate to you on. you go to act blue. Act Blue is a technology company they they'll. They'll build that APP for you an exchange. They'll take a small cut. I. Think somewhere around four percent a little less than four percent of every donation made. So they build the APP for you in exchange, they take a small cut of every donation made using that APP. Well, if you don't to black lives, matter you have to go through Act Blue Okay Fair enough there at technology company. That's that's not what grabbed my interest. What did grab my interest is that it's been reported black lives matter. First of all is not a nonprofit organization. It's a corporation, but they function as a charity. Okay. Let's not get lost in those weeds either. They. Raise money through what's called a fiscal sponsor. And, that fiscal sponsor is a nonprofit organization called thousand currents. And thousand currents on their website when they described their relationship with black lives, matter you know what exactly is a fiscal sponsor? It says, and I'm quoting here in this capacity right there on the website and the thousand currents website. It says in this capacity, we provide administrative and back office support. Including Finance Accounting Grants Grant Management Excuse me insurance human resources, legal and compliance. Donations to black lives, matter are received as restricted, donate to support the activities of black lives, matter and other words. They're the people running it. Black lives matter does not run black lives matter they're run by all of these other organizations. It's reported shortly after that. That a woman by the name of Susan Rosenberg is serving as Vice Chair of the board of thousand currents. This is the fiscal sponsor black lives matter. By the way after that's revealed. The. Wicked pedia link two, thousand currents no longer seems to work. Okay. Susan Rosenberg. If you're not familiar was a member of the weather on the ground there a terrorist group in authority. Say they claim that she played? A role in several domestic terrorist attacks she was convicted. For some of those roles back in one, thousand, nine, hundred, five, she was sentenced to fifty eight years in prison. She had only served sixteen of them when she was pardoned by President Bill Clinton in two thousand and one on his very last day in office, I might add. It's also worth noting by the way that it was. It was shortly after. Tucker. Carlson Fox. News. Is Tucker Carlson ran a little mini expose on Rosenberg, spent a few minutes talking about this relationship. She had with black lives matter on his show. Shortly. After that the role that she played with black lives, matter in black lives matter fundraising. Shortly, after that Carlson's head writer is forced to resign. He's fired as a result of racist posts. He made on an Internet forum that they just apparently discovered that day. And Carlson himself is forced to take not long after that. A quote unquote long planned vacation from his show for several days. Okay Anyway. Perhaps wary of the optics of having black lives matter contributions funneled to organization not black lives matter this thousand currents organization, which is run apparently by a convicted terrorist. Democrats, and black lives matter apparently decided to make a change. Any information that Rosenberg is on the board of thousand currents has been removed from their site. The whole board of directors page is now gone. You can see a copy of it. I think Len Beck has a copy of it up on his site from using the way back machine and send our guy of an archived copy of the page. So you can go check it out for yourself and see all the board members that are on there. Also after that. Shortly after that, all the money thousand currents was receiving related to black lives. Matter has been shifted to the tide center. All assets. Holdings fiscal responsibilities have all been shifted to the tide center. The tide center is one of the many organizations being funded by George Soros. Now, why is this group being run by revolutionaries? Canadian researcher. Named Sean Paul Melville. He does a lot of kind of investigative journalism into this into this kind of thing, and I was on his website. The other day I ran across an article. That he wrote last year. In which he talks about something called a social economy. and. He says there's been a common thread in the global communist movement since nineteen. ninety-seven and it's a system that people have heard very little about, and it's called a social economy and what the social economy is is. It's a government funded sector. That doesn't produce a whole lot in profits, but it consumes a lot billions of dollars in tax dollars. Through government tax incentives, you know you can donate to foundations and charities tax free. And so a lot of corporations use those donations to offset their prophets and lower their tax bill through tax incentives, tax credits, grants, charities, foundations, nonprofits, non, governmental, organizations NGOs big one. The government has been siphoning off billions of dollars, taxpayer money, and they used to fund the social economy. It's almost almost like a money laundering scheme. And what they do is they take this money and they use that the tides foundation, which is the the parent company of the tide. Center. The Parent Foundation if you will, of the tide center. They, call this the hybrid. Universe. In which these foundations are used to bend governments to there will, this is actually what they say. The Rub of all of this that's happening right now is that it's being funded by us. When you follow the breadcrumbs all the way to the end, you find that you and I are paying for all these activities. It's clear that the depth and the breadth of the protests and violence witnessed all over the country over the last couple of months are not spontaneous. They're not organic. They're not honest and said, they seem to be the culmination of years of planning and funding. Seek out alternative sources of information. You're not gonNA, hear the stuff on CNN. You're not going to hear it on MSN. You're not even going to here on Fox, you have to seek out independent sources of information because you're being lied to were all being lights, you know people on the right. They like to say that the Matrix, the movie, the Matrix was a documentary. It wasn't fiction. It's more fact and fiction. In his time. We all start. Waking Up. Well. That's our show. Said I. Hope you enjoyed it. You have any thoughts on any of the issues we discussed, drop me a line. You can reach me at comments, I tand show DOT com. That's comments at ITN. Show DOT com. Thanks for listening everyone until next time. Take care yourselves in each other. If it's on your mind, it's in the news subscribe to end the news on both I tunes and on Stitcher. Radio. This has been in the news..

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