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Thanks man. Good luck with your injury today column. I'm just waiting there. It's common call. We're like no see you everything negative. That's why you get hurt. That's why you know you work for free negative chris. I'm one hundred percent positive that this is a dumpster fire though so far so good all right go ahead got another one. Nope okay say man. We everything out about odd. He's spos- name that's alleys dallas. Good luck remember filter. That's okay that's what it's all about nowadays ringtone. It is yeah. I would love to see you. Try to put that on your phone. The sport i brought to you by colored electric or even hiring for today's world at five one three two two seven forty one twelve wookey colored electric cincinnati dot com happy. Wgn other fireworks weekend. Cincinnati's fourth of july de but reds kickoff. Three game interleague series. Tonight up against motown who grabbed detroit. Tigers tyler alexander. A left-hander here. We go again here. We go vladimir gutierrez though goes for the reds looking for win number. Ten of the seas was look for a win. Seven ten tonight to mine. fireworks friday. Yeah get a little taste of the western southern fireworks after the game tonight if you go. It's the western and southern wnba and fireworks tomorrow. Fifteen thousand fans. Get a barry larkin. Thirty thirty dual bobble-head. Thank you sunday family day. You gotta take your well being busy with the western southern. Wb and fireworks. Thank you kids. Get tyler stevenson fat head. Your mouth college football last night quarterback cj stroud threw for two hundred ninety four yards and four touchdowns fourth rated ohio state outguns minnesota forty five thirty one Tomorrow right out of the chute yes battle for the victory bell nipper stadium the site a word eighth-rated cincinnati bearcats v. Miami redhawks king. Dome three thirty on seven hundred wwl high school football. Let's see Keep going all over the place tonight. The x and olatunji liberty. Six forty five. Espn fifty thirty and forty four. Sixty to work day. I'll just sit back while you just plow through. Ls soccer ball mls soccer tomorrow night. Cincinnati ohio home enter miami. Cf how can you support this. Eight o'clock espn. Fifteen thirty dickey. Fcc looks for their first home. Win town denisot. Miami is one four. Wanna find a win. Stephen as not these. I know plowing right through. I know he is like usual. He's excited for the extent. We got rid of bags. Kellerman you got rid of him. That's right he does what he wants. He's he's the money on. That sounds like a couple of people around here. That the first letter in the alphabet. Targeted stephen is not the first. Oh okay oh. I had to go over your head with that. A whole even down even a. b. c. d. Do i had to go through the entire alphabet. Said denison go talk all right. that's right. I don't have nothing v song at ain't those joke if he can't pay the no his life and file bus stephen. A smith do stephen smith or more money and john barrett. Tillman jon barry. Do not he is a man of very reputed this man you know fugitives means. I can't even spell. I don't even know what it means. It sounded good. So what's it. No one's going to debate you on that see tonight. That's for sure that the debate him and he didn't i take clock. Take your calls. Here calls count anywhere on. Fortunately voice be heard. Go ahead caller. Nobody your thoughts calls. Let's get music home of the head. One oh two seven. It's w. e. b. thunder phones. It's our own explosions. Here on the cape. Chris show as we invite you to call in this is everybody's excitement is coming through the telephones Silicon only the last couple more vibrant three eight one three seven nine seven nine. You may be thinking. Maybe you're new party right now because the fireworks are on the way you're tuned into wb n. For the first time or maybe you're a casual listener. I'm kid chris. Let's meet over there and today is a day on friday every friday. We just opened up the phones. We don't screen the calls nothing. This calls count anywhere calls to the wall on holds barred thunder phone. We go balls deep or calls. The budget say ooh that means we go calls deep with the phone calls all right so we say when the phone starts ringing here in the studio we pick up live all right so it's real simple. You can ask us anything man. It's wide open. We don't screen. Like i said all right so five one three eight one. Three seven nine seven nine. That is the phone number. And i guess it would be ready. No now keep in mind we talk about whatever. You just can't curse. None of it will make the radio broadcasts condom but say where you are or who you are and where you're from okay. Caller hi hi good. Hey it's gotta kill for him. But i knew i told you what little pick it up. Oh man you gotta hear the joke you guys take. You're gonna open the river Let's we were just talking about this off the air segment. We have nothing to do with the coast. Guard is saying about keith. Tired off your boats can't go on the river to watch a fireworks right now because it's unsafe. That's nothing to do with us. We have zero power. Like i was telling i can't even go to the bengals game and we carry the damn bengals and i think i could control what people put their boats. No no i. i'll i won't touch subject again right. So here's a joke. How to adolf hitler creepy.

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