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How much of you're legal work was handled by michael kohn well he has a percentage of my over a legal work at tiny tiny little fraction but my goal would represent may represent man things he represents me like with his crazy stormy daniels deal he represented me and certainly this is what the government was arguing all along they said we've always said it's a minimal work so the really isn't privileged information here and that's why they put forward this motion today and the judge here in this case agreed and so two the cones attorneys and now we have a special master to this case her name is barbara jones she's a former federal judge pointed in one thousand nine hundred five by president bill clinton to the us district court which served for about seventeen years she's gone in private practice also worked as a assistant district is hurt assistant us attorney here in the southern district so she's very knowledgeable of white collar crime and other cases and she will be the person that has the final determination on how these privileged documents claim to be privileged dockets are going to be moved forward into the criminal investigation into michael cohen's a business dealings that will happen at the same time that coen's attorneys are also reviewing those documents if i can also mention one more thing we got a little bit more insight in court today about all that evidence that's being handed over to cones turns at this point so far they've already received four phones ended i pad tomorrow they expect to receive information from another dozen cell phones that was taken by the fbi during that rate fbi during that rate of my cones home in his his office and his hotel rooms will.

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