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Tahoe. It's thirty one degrees in the valley. Fifty four degrees in the bay area. It is fifty nine degrees. And these are the stories now trending on ninety three point one. K if we have an update to a story we told you about last week. The Lodi unified school district will not stand in the way of a high school newspaper publishing a profile on a student who works in the porn industry. ABC's Mark Remillard report this morning. Bear creek high. School's newspaper will include a profile on Caitlyn Fink an eighteen year old student who sells nude videos models for a porn agency. And aspires to be a stripper. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, which reported on efforts by the Lodi unified school district to review that story before publication. The papers adviser an English teacher at the school at accused district. Officials of censorship refused on free speech grounds on Wednesday. A lawyer for the district said it would not prevent. Publication, but called the papers adviser insubordinate, Mark Remillard, ABC news. Elsewhere in the news this morning. A controversy a water project in California to build two massive tunnels under the Sacramento San Joaquin river. Delta is officially being scrapped. Governor newsome's administration announced yesterday is withdrawing permit applications for these sixteen billion dollar plan. The planes were originally submitted by governor Jerry Brown's administration and would Bill to massive tunnels under the Sacramento San Joaquin river, delta to make it easier to move water from the north to the south Newsome says they will instead begin environmental studies on a one tunnel project. Thursday's big of giving raised a record setting eight million dollars or more than six hundred nonprofits the Crocker. Art museum was the day's biggest financial winner bringing in more than.

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