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Had key states, Iowa New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada. Well, there's no word yet or f- empire. Actor jussie smollet will sit down with Chicago police for a follow up interview. But if it does happen, it's likely to be tense. Authorities say the investigation has shifted after detectives interviewed the two men who appear in surveillance footage taken around the time of the reported attack last month, they were released without charges, and that's fueled speculation that police feel small at who's black and gay made up the story about being beaten by two men who hurled racist and anti gay comments, Adam as they attacked him. Police aren't commenting on that part of the case a Representative for small it's lawyer says he can't comment on whether the actor has agreed to another interview and Iran's president has described the US sanctions imposed on Iran as an economic war. And stressed that economic war is more difficult than military war has Sandra Wani spoke Monday as he inaugurated. The third and final phase of the sprawling Persian Gulf star refinery has the capacity of four hundred thousand barrels a day Rwanda praised the inauguration saying in a televised speech. It comes despite America's imposing the harshest sanctions on Iran. The Trump administration last year pulled the US out of Iran's nuclear deal with world powers and reimposed the sanctions targeting Iran's a vital oil sector for behind the scenes look at America's First News. You can head on over to af now dot com. You can always reach out to me anytime, Twitter or Facebook, I met Matt Ray talk use hashtag af en. And of course, follow the show on Twitter at America's First News. The hashtag AFN there is well more breaking news on the way on this Monday morning. It is the eighteenth day of February af markets up next. Of course, the markets are closed here at home because of the president's day holiday. But stocks surged on Friday at Meanwhile, President Trump says there's a possibility he'll extend up March second deadline in trade talks with China. The latest on that coming up and Senator Marco Rubio headed to the Venezuelan border on Sunday to pressure nNcholas Maduro to allow US aid into the country all of that and more on the way. Of course, you can now follow me on Twitter or Facebook. I'm at talk use the hashtag af en you're listening to America's First News..

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