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The bottom line is you needed to put the ball in play he didn't do it otherwise you got a win right there and that's the end of it but the ultimate second guess so joe d is calling from staten island joe d or on the fan what's going on in that game they got a little unlucky also an excellent spoiled about synthetic fate the axes win the ballgame well you're talking about now what you're talking about the home run the one the game what are you talking x hit a double down the right field y bounced into the crowd well what are you gonna well that's a that's a ground rule double what are you gonna do what i'm saying is every thousand pounds tennis saints the yankees won that game the judge now if maybe doesn't really by an inch or two misjudge that game winning home run i got nothing bad to say about oh no no no i'm well listen and i'm looking at it right now again when all the tip of his glove as you know well of course but he did listen he'll admit that he did just a bit miss time the jump but when you're six eight and it goes off the tip of your glove you're right you don't have to really have any excuses whatsoever harissa problem i add what the aki bye they had a man on bass y'all betty you got a five in that situation this guy horrible this guy he's a rookie manager this guy is okay yeah but you don't call to give him any credit for leaving things be and of course this is the team that it's home runs in the last guy is you know joe to do any funding for the yankees was phil rizzuto the bottom line is i thought maybe he would lay down too but he didn't so maybe next time you'll see that i mean what are you going to say but the you have a problem with the yankees the should have other teams should have such problems as the yankees stupid yes it's the ultimate second guessing isn't that what we all do me to james is calling from the bronx james you're on the fan what's happening james how are you oh good james how about yourself i just have a quick point about the yankees okay sure i i would prefer to not trade anybody i don't want to picture on the yankees and if they were to do it i'd be willing to give up torres to get a real top of the line pitcher oh you don't wanna know know well torres is untouchable and why would you wanna give him up i would give him up for bumgarner i would well first of all bumgarner isn't gonna go anywhere and and and and i understand who listen who wouldn't want to have him he had when he came back i think he's had like four or five starts and when he came back he was awful the first two starts he did pitch tonight against colorado andy left apper six innings leading to to nothing the giants ended up losing that game but he pitched in his last three starts including tonight were very good but the giants are only two and a half games out of first and one and a half or two two and a half there in the neighborhood for being a wildcard also now they're not a very good baseball team they'll probably fade but madison bumgarner isn't going to be going anywhere it's not going to be available and and whether i mean probably i mean hap is going to be available but even for bumgarner listen tauruses is gonna be around for ten to fifteen years and he's an everyday position player yeah you would like to have bumgarner but the yankees will probably have to settle for a little bit less a pitcher they're going to get whether it's cole hamels whether how about that now know who had a great game i think it was saturday or sunday i think it was sunday and is something like eleven and four that's the guy he would like who is familiar with the american league east and familiar with boston and familiar with winning in twenty eighteen nncholas calling for massapequa nick you're on the fan what's going on hey how you doing man i'm a i'm a yankee jet fan which is sorta weird so i'd have perspective of rooting for a team that does everything they can to win for a team that's just a laughing stock now with regard.

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