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Officials are trying to keep children safe in a pandemic while they're governor picks a fight with down and even threatens their salaries or their jobs talk about bullying in schools. If not help these governors won't help speed depend me. i'll use my powers presidents. get them out of the way. President also announced. He was cracking down on people who violate mask mandates and scolding the wildly antisocial behavior. We've seen in so many videos that have gone viral in recent months. I'm announcing that the transportation safety administration the tsa will double the fines on travelers. that refused to mask. If you break the rules be prepared to pay. And by the way show some respect the anger you see on television toward flight attendants another's doing their job is wrong. It's ugly directness. With which biden deliver the speech indicates to me at least that he and his administration political advisors understand they are on the right side of both the politics and the substance here they need to get covert under control and it is not contained right now. A recent gallup found sixty one percent of people approve of vaccination requirement traveling on an airplane. Fifty eight percent approval requirement to attend events with barge crowds. Fifty-six percent approve of of it to go to the office or worksite. More than seventy. Five percent of americans eighteen have gotten at least one shot so this is not. I mean. it's a country that's divided on everything. But it's not that divided on this. it's not. This is not abortion this is not. You know immigration seventy five percent. It's political fight. President biden should want to have he clearly does on surprisingly. There's been a fair. Share of yelping from republicans congressman. Thomas massie of kentucky claim. This is actually unconstitutional arizona governor. Doug ducey said this is exactly the kind of big government openreach. We've tried so hard to prevent congressman. Dan crenshaw tweeted quote. Are you people trying to start a full on revolt. honestly what the hell is wrong with democrats. Leave people the hell alone. This is insanity foreign revolt. What do you think he meant by that. It's amazing how common is become republican politicians to threaten something like full on revolt in the face of policies. They do not like. We've got a lot of axiom. Nation requirements this country. At that you dan konczal has had to get vaccinated for. I don't know his service in the. Us armed forces or enrolling in school. And we have them all for the same reason because communicable diseases communicate. They moved through populations even vaccinated populations. It's just a numbers game today. That was a clear message from president biden. The summer's been brutal. In many parts of the country particular throughout the south too many american lives lost too many preventable deaths and we head into the fall and winter with school back in session. Time to reset our priorities to battle this horrible disease together. Through whatever means necessary. Dr francis collins director of the national institutes health and he joins me. Now i wanna start dr collins With something that you and i spoke about the last time you were on my program nationals due to health runs a hospital and you told me somewhat surprisingly to me that because the vaccinations runner emergency use authorization. You could not mandate it in your hospital. That has changed. Now i imagine it has been mandated in your hospital. What are the results of that bit. Well i think it was very readily accepted by the people who deliver care in our hospital which sees particularly sick patients many of them cancer immunotherapy patients who are very dangerously at risk for this virus so it was not a hard sell the the legal abilities to do so got a lot better. When fda gave full approval to the pfizer vaccine that cleared away the one last legal hurdle and art being able to mandate this. And as you heard today the president aims to act in that situation. I think quite effectively and aggressively to make sure that we're not missing out on the chance to try to do something to drive this pandemic back away from where it is right now in a pretty dangerous surge. We can do this. And i hope that came across at. This was both a very forceful muscular approach but it has a point as a point of trying to get us pass this. This is how we can get there. I want to say 'i rhonda santa said something. The other day that fell encapsulated a line of thinking that has been consistent throughout and has really caused massive havoc in this country and he said look if you get your about getting vaccinated doesn't affect me. It's basically like what. What are you care one way or the other and obviously i think you and the president of the people feel differently. Explained to me why this isn't simply an individual choice like you know what t. Shirt you put on or what kind of music you like right. I'm glad to answer that and again. This is a place where i think. Freedom has gotten misinterpreted. freedom is about rights. But it's also about responsibilities. We have a free country where we take care of each other when our actions might hurt somebody else if you're unvaccinated and you are therefore much more likely to get infected with delta nba symptomatic. Quite likely for a couple of days. You're spreading that around to others around you including kids under twelve who can't be vaccinated so it's not just about you from me. This is really a occasion to think about loving your neighbor. Not just yourself. And that's what the president was trying to say if we really want to get through this. We've got to figure out how those eighty million people who still haven't rolled up their sleeves can see this as an opportunity and a responsibility. Not just about them. Yeah you just mentioned children. I was looking at these statistics about children. I wanted to put them up. 'cause it's striking here. I mean kids under twelve can't get vaccinated and the vaccination rates and lots of part of the country. Teenagers is very has been quite low. And we're seeing this huge divergence. I mean you know when you talk about what the collective responsibility is in states that are lightly vaccinated. You see these huge spikes hospitalizations and that's hospitalizations both adults and kids under eighteen. You see it there on the right of your screen. The ten most vaccinated states. You basically see that flat line for kids eighteen. I mean there is accountable. Number of children placed into direct danger. There people's children are getting put in the hospital with this thing as a result of low vaccination rates.

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