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Sports flash thanks you Andrew and the Yankees wasting no time. Providing some support j. half's, I started as Yankees career. Aaron Hicks with a two run Homer in the bottom of the first in the bombers are ahead of the royals to nothing at. The end of one half is, ten and six this year four point one, eight ERA, trying to help. The Yankees team that's looking. To take three or four in the series Orioles a quick start there a. Three nothing on the raised bottom of the. First the twins and Red Sox scoreless Donham one and Fenway. Nathan of all d making his first start for the Red, Sox facing Jose burritos, Indians and Tigers are tied at one they're in the top of the second in the motor city Nansen Marlins. Screwing us top two in Miami Phillies, and reds no score in Cincinnati top of the. Second dodgers and Braves about to get going show where them at some pirates. From its Berg and at the top of the hour the Astros. Trying to snap a three game skid they are playing the Rangers later as trying to avoid. Being swept in Colorado and tonight it is the cubs and cardinals from Saint Louis redbirds Going for the sweep in, the, series now it is an annual right of summer baseball honoring it's past six decades today into the hall of fame Chipper. Jones flag Guerrero Jim Thome, e Trevor Hoffman Jack Morrison. Alan Trammell to be enshrined in Cooperstown now despite the Padre struggling to past few seasons this year sitting at forty two and sixty. Five Offman says he still believes, in the community I definitely feel the love, and I, feel the energy. Created around this it certainly. Has been a bit of a difficult time with what has transpired lately and. Say Willard or sports things but there's so. Much pride around the Padres and give a lot of credit. To Ron and Peter Siler for their community service and what, they're doing to try, and make things right and the Padres are at home against the Diamondbacks later this afternoon NFL Steelers guard Ramon. Foster will reportedly four to five weeks, with a right knee injury after being carted off. Practice Saturday but will need not need to undergo surgery and in golf it's. Dustin Johnson among those collating at the RV see Canadian Open having Today's final round at, seventeen under I'm Jacob Wilkins football is back and we got, NFL training camp news on your favorite team here on CBS sports radio.

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