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He's got he's got the lean ondeck see him cry it would you know what he does the it all that happened in she never called me back to tell me if she actually made home so call him like are you at home is everything okay did you make your sound is a house we went okay would you nothing was wrong it is amazing that those the firefighters can come in there and just fan they got it and then they're onto the next one I mean it it's remarkable how quickly those guys can come with probably about it she said it was about probably like fifty to one hundred firemen like in that spot just putting out the fire like because you know they gonNA protect certain certain situations really fast before they protect others are certain situations you mean rich folks I didn't say that I said concert situations they react pretty fast when you see the far your garden hose avenue now in so she finally got home and everything calms down any put out the hillside that was in flames now I don't know if that's because the power on because the Santa Ana winds whatever the case is some idiot tarts the cigarette outside of a window because that can happen to in these brush situations so that was key headline in the morning you're listening Caspian Los Angeles last night twenty seven to fourteen the steelers beat the dolphins whatever the steelers are okay and the dolphins are wretched they're very quickly I want to get into this because I want to get back to what you're talking about with Nick Bosa a second ago keep it are the Miami dolphins the worst team this league's ever seen allow allow me to present some evidence as the prosecutor in this case as my first piece of evidence I want to show you the two other teams in the history of the NFL that have put together Owen Sixteen seasons through seven weeks the dolphins are seven so the Detroit Lions reliance through seven weeks when they were oh and seven had been outscored by one hundred eight points okay two hundred twelve one oh four the Cleveland browns who few seasons go also went oh and sixteen when they were oh and seven they were outscored by sixty six points they were actually in a bunch of those games the Miami Dolphins in two thousand nineteen through seven games have been outscored two hundred thirty eight to seventy seven thirty seven seventy seven they've been outscored by hundred and sixty one points okay they've played twenty eight quarters a football in eighteen of those twenty eight quarters they've not scored a point in the second half the season this played seven games okay so that's fourteen quarters of football you only points they've scored in the second half this year three twenty twenty they got thirteen of them in one game is this the worst team the league's ever see your honor I don't know if it's the worst team based on statistics probably I don't know all the history of what Cleveland and Detroit d it I mean I've been on one fifteen football team we think we start off Owens seven we won one we went to the Super Bowl and then we lost the next eight there's been some bad teams the buccaneers back in the day were awful I mean there's been some bad teams but Miami's is such that there orchestrate nears to be bad these other coaches on these other teams really trying to win like the Detroit lions they were really trying to win they was Ryan win again well as do is like whatever look at it this way that Cleveland Browns team that went Owen sixteen years ago in their first seven games four of their seven losses were by three points there in the game they were trying to invade gained a put the team together to win Miami has had one game against the Redskins who have won one game where they lost by point low seventeen to sixteen the other games they've lost by thirty nine by forty-three by twenty five by twenty by ten and by thirteen Miami smacked in these checks out coach Miami didn't come into the season with the idea of tanking or checking out this season they didn't come into the season that way they came me and think okay we we got a few pieces we might be able to compete in any start looking at it and they said you know what not a single work what about you traded tunsil did the did the locker room give up like there was like Patrick they got rid of what was the one that they will revolt if they trade this man didn't get they haven't okay everybody knows what's going on when you're in a locker immune giddy you don't understand what's going on they play certain people they shouldn't be playing because US like for instance for instance there's a player on the Miami Dolphins that Ray Kwame McMillan is middle linebacker who led dolphins and tackling last year that I don't know two hundred million tackles or whatever the case is it's a lot in he is clearly wanted to top young middle linebacker the NFL he wasn't starting the first several games of the season because they elected to play a dude from Canada that could be played beat me wow and then they decided they said they did that deliberately though that's what they decided to say you know he gotTa play this do we have the sitting over indexed that's the point whether it's by design or just by bad luck this is the worst team leagues ever seen maybe it was intentionally done this way doesn't mean that it's not into the season with that they wanted to try to win if they could but then they realize we can't win Josh Roses now what we thought you know fifties here but we just need you know we don't have any bean is nothing here they got rid of Kiko Kiko Alonzo they got rid of Tansu Fitzpatrick drink out I mean the fitzpatrick they got rid of Drake now they've gotten rid of who else did they get steals to bounce it got because they're sending stuff legit I'm okay with that there's nothing wrong with that that happens all right so we're talking about it there and take it or shaking about Nick Bosa and whether or not this success that he's having with the forty niners is bad for culture also just to kind of rewind it nick both missed most of his last season yells football because of injury and the decision that you know what I'm good I know where I'm going to get picked I'm GONNA get picked very high in the first round I'm not gonNA put myself to potential risk of losing a high draft pick because of injury I'm good I it it seems to me key that that's a pretty good plan go play college football build up enough draft equity to where the thirty two teams that guy right there it's a high first round pick and then say I'm out why not because you're playing for free and that's a bad deal if if you get to your draft eligible stage and you become a redshirt junior or junior or Richard Sophomore or a senior and you've played three years of football or two years of football and you are draft eligible in your consensus top pick and you make a decision that you're going to forego your senior year or your junior year whatever that year is prior to entering the draft that you want to sit on the sidelines so be it if that's what you choose to do but understand just because those mock drafts say you're going to be this that's that may not be where you wind up at that's why it's important to play your senior season or whatever that season is that last this year so that you could continue to stay on that potential pace because a mock drafts Tom mcshea in milk hyper my boys they know some stuff but they're not one hundred percent correct no they're not one hundred percent correct but they know some stuff but not one hundred percent correct I've seen many Jews in drafts he projected as a top five pick in the draft all they do is drop trump trump trump trump for top five all of a sudden they're dropping out of the top happened greedy Williams thirty two just agree Williams win the middle of the second round just having him last year having him last year coach right he was top five census okay all the way up into a couple of weeks before the draft man but but what happens is could you maybe he should've just evaluate you know you had a good year but they start evaluating what a players doing nick Bolsa is a rare case it's like Leonard for nearby after two years later for an issue to stop yeah maybe maybe not maybe maybe not Nick Bosa got injured in Nick Bosa doesn't get injured he started the season on the team if he doesn't get injured he plays the entire year but he announced that he wasn't here and a play Oliver and Oliver said I think these guys the Ingraham's is a good example of what you're talking about but now we're even further coach quarterback coach Ron Johnson played league mill copper tough guy when the Fourth Round K Rob Johnson was that in ninety I'm just saying is more often than not if you're projected in the top five John Wash quarterback was the second pick in the draft right Nick Bosa had a good college career and then realizes com set up I'm GONNA go and if I'm a guy look I get it and you want as an athlete you WanNa play you WanNa do your thing this is what I'm here to do I'm here to play football or baseball Obama whatever it might be I want to go do it but if I've got this ticket and all you have to do is get to the finish line and I don't have to run this gauntlet to do it mildly the only thing is be careful you gotta be careful just because people were telling you that you that you are projected this doesn't it summarily mean that's where you're GonNa go just be careful when you're making those decisions Bosa senator right everybody can't do both of cousy hurry back is what needs happen no don't hurry yeah because when he's back I wanted to stay of course I want him back right right right and I want him back permanently List Frank Liz different to the other foot I don't know we'll see what they do with coups when he comes back with her he's off the bench whether he's back in the starting lineup I think he'll probably be in the finishing five which feels more to me what about Dwight what about Dwight in the starting lineup because Dwight's do I look good they played three games and again three games is three games we'll get game before against Memphis in Memphis is not a playoff team so we'll see what it looks like but Dwight's look pretty good so far and you wonder if putting him in the starting lineup is in something that Vogel's knocking around well you put him in the starting lineup go five four three who's your two one whoa Lebrons the one now for all it really makes a one it's not so for for these purposes he's three that's eighty four so you got Dwight's lashed jovial in in in that spot you got eighty you've got Lebron you've got Danny Green and Avery Bradley that's what they've been running out there right see me I'll know what it is about me but this is what I would run out there I would run come on coach devel- slash the white eight obviously those three that we talked about Otto coups and Rondo according let's go who comes off the bench when when it six minutes into the first quarter and you've got another six minutes to go to find the rest of then then I got then I'm GonNa take obviously I gotta take Yanna one elite who one of those to out between the widen in jail so you've got let's say jail and Avery Bradley at this point okay then you can you could Deci to leave coups gene okay okay so you still got your score connor in there in the mix then from near you gotta just figure out who what else you got left the issue the right the one way to the only way this this works in my opinion that if you decide to say semi sit down every brand lineup I got eh slow to really slow if you set avery Bradley Down Right and you just say okay lebrons traditional one Danny Green too but coups guards the back court player and preserves the Bronx money all around he's guard who was in the front court this could capable of keeping up with the back court player because as far as I can tell that's the only way it works and starting all those guys together the core of course but you can't he but you have it disclosed back to my conversation before he's got to you do you want him to eh Lou Williams and Lou Williams only and I was trying to think of somebody in the.

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