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The difficulty of bitcoin mining flat now and then start to decline. Okay. So moving on says, however, these rough anecdotes assume that my knees using a sense, seven, nanometer chips and either do not work officially well or will not be sold into two thousand nineteen. Let's pose that for second. So seven nanometers. This refers to the actual silicon chip. That does the processing. So all electric devices have these silicon microsiping right desktop computer. He get you Snapdragon processes in your Samson phones. So on and the seven nanometers, that's a measurement as a physical measurement of the distance between the transistors on the chip and the close together. You can get them the the more transistor you compact onto a little silicon wafer. That's like a couple of inches square. So you can. You can increase the physical size of it. Technically, you could make a silicon micro, say the size of a book right boards because of standardization like you see, an Intel person writes a couple of inches square. So that's the as the form factor. The packaging said to get more processing power of that to me, he's silicon anyway to do is to get more transistors onto that piece of silicon in any way to do that is to get the get the transistor's closer together. So when is seven enemy is immesnse between two transistors side by side. There. Only seven nanometers of distance. Right? And that's like Moore's law, the closer and closer close. You can get those two transistors, the more you can pack onto a two inch square wafer of silicon. So, and that's the key with mining equipment. Right? Is the question, get them while mining, pow, compact, the mining power, you can pack the more chances of finding the the nonce in winning the mining rewards, right? Leaning on says bit main dragon mint and GMO all racing to build such minus. So there's three court main competitors in the bitcoin mining machine game in a bit main may the unmined as you dragon mint and GMO moving on says the fem that successfully brings these seven nanometer minus two mock. It will absolutely lower the marginal cost of the average mining farm and decimate. The older generation mining rigs price leads the hash rate, and the final confirmation of break even level will be where the difficulty actually drops that would require a substantial period of price week. Innis to shelter enough minus for the hash rate to full next heading says winning doubt IPO. Everyone is talking about the bit main IPO so bit main initial public offering, whereas that going to launch this shares on Chinese stock exchange. So that in a regular share, investors can buy shares in the bit. Main company is running a public company. Once you get past, the initial ego boost is so optimal. That's I agree with that. I do agree with that. I am no fan of IPO's really it. I'm it makes companies way less nimble and like it says here, one of the main reasons why IPO is for the is for long-term investors employee management to cash out at a high. Multiple companies also APO to raise lodge of capital to fund expansion. So that's the justification. It's like if we sell, if we sell in a fifty percent of the business to the public by shoeing shares, then. We can get this massive cash injection. We use cash to grow the business and in the fifty percent that we still own of the company, the founders. Well, if we can double the value of the company and and some will end up better off over all and also lower risk. And whether you're also offloading risk onto the public by buying those shares. Right. So like says, IPO's orphan used full like initially, investors invested in the company right at the beginning and employees that own some shares in the private company and the management to make out like benefits and lowered their risk right. Moving only says as a public company, the scrutiny on operations is never ending, say the wrong thing and you could be in court for years. You think mugs uka bag likes being publicly lamb bested by no nothing congressmen and women..

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