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White Russell was a whole lot of fun a lot of great stories there. And if you're not you're not familiar with his parents Gogel them, but Goldie Hawn is his mom and Kurt Russell. And kurt. Russell was bully. And he was one of the childhood actors a series of Disney, Phil he was great. But he wanted to be a baseball player and we had him. I don't know ten or twelve years ago, and we talked I said would you rather have your career or Steve garvey's career? And he was like, oh, boy, I don't know. But he's had a pretty pretty decorated decorated career, and I'm ever Goldie Hawn on Laffin if you ever saw those videos than Goldie Hawn was the first girl, I'm trying to think I I hope why it's outta here. So he's not hearing me talk about his mom, but I just remember seeing Goldie Hawn on TV and she had her bathing suit bikini on laugh in the show. And I went what's going on here. Peter brady. I always made she's still very beautiful woman. But I remember Goldie Hawn was I think one of the first women I saw on TV, and I went so what what's going on here. Yeah. Paulie? There's a movie that Kurt Russell has called used cars. And I think it's kind of a niche comedy from the early eighties. I was like eleven when I saw it as a little early for that kind of racy. We might have been the greatest moment. I liked what I saw used cars. Great comedy, by the way, thanks to almost three hundred thousand of you. You've downloaded the DP show app. I'm going to bring back a couple of meat Friday songs from yesterday. We had meet Thursday wells meet Friday, but we had yesterday. We had thanksgiving dinner that we cooked on the trigger. But I got a couple of those meet Friday songs the women killed it yesterday, but you can upload directly to the show on the app. And it's still the best place to live stream the show catch up on daily interviews and watch exclusive content. The all new redesigned EP show app. Download it today at the app stores gusting. Los angeles. Gus would you have for me this morning?.

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