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PL were also heard on AM 14 90 in Muskegon 99. 7 FM and AM 14 50, WH T. C and Holland on Michigan's West Coast WSJ M. In South Haven Proud to be on in 1400 in that area. Also 96 5, the cave in Adrian, and tape delayed You can hear the show on Am 7 30 the game in Lansing and also you could hear us. They delayed six until 9 p.m. and a em 10 50 w T K in the an arbor Detroit Metro area, and we don't want to forget about am 12 80. L'm a mount pleasant if you missed any of those stations. They're available. 24 7 at the huge show dot that joining me on the draft Kings cast sign is former five time Big 10 champion offensive lineman. At the University of Michigan late eighties early nineties Doug Scheme who also is part of the Wolverine podcasts of Chris Palace, and the wolverine dot com He joins us here in the huge radio network. Welcome back, Douglas. Thanks for having me Bill. Happy New Year Happy New Year to you, And last time we talked, we weren't sure about coordinators. And then there's the report. That Tom Brown has been let go. Then there's still no report of a Contract extension or revised deal with Harbaugh and We're getting set to enter the new year, so I don't know if it's the holidays, causing the slow down or if it's interest, which Jay Glazer said there is an NFL team kicking the tires with the Niners about his tenure there, so if you're looking into it There's gonna be a ton of NFL jobs open his hardball waiting to see if there are Bettors a better at the NFL level. He knows what board manuals offered. I'm surprised we haven't heard anything official on Dumb Brown so Doug as a former Wolverine As a guy who follows Michigan football. What do you make of everything going on right now? Well, I'll tell you what every day that goes by that there's not an announcement that Jim Harbaugh has been extended. My eyebrows get a little bit higher. I might my interest and intrigue goes a little bit higher in the on Lee thing that makes any sense is that it's the holiday week yada yada, whatever, but I'm telling you Why didn't we get an announcement before the holidays? And so every day that goes by things get a little weirder and a little stranger. There's apparently, you know, Doc Brown's gone. I think that was well reported that he's no longer going to be the defensive coordinator and yet the head coach hasn't been decided. For the near term future. It just seems these these things are not adding up. And so I I started to buy into this that there's some NFL teams taking a look or Jim is taking a look at the NFL. Either way. I just can't believe we haven't had an announcement at this point of some kind. And, of course, they're not going to announce the Jim Harbaugh is looking at the NFL. That's not an announcement. That's all rumor Bill. But I just think every day that goes by the probability that he leaves to go back somewhere else, maybe to the NFL gets a little bit bigger. Look at the San Diego situation. That's where he began his head coaching Journey, University of San Diego if they move on land. You have Q B and Herbert who just said the rookie record for TD passes and hard by with this street credit In California. What he did it Stanford what he did with the Niners. He seems like he could be the guy there so You know, you're some have said the Lions. I I don't buy that with the temperature either by the state of Michigan and I know you live on the east side of state. Listen, I am 12 78. Don't see horrible there. But you know no one alliance. It would be something. You know. Here's Spellman. Former Buckeye Don't hire Urban Meyer. Go ahead, boy. Stick it to the lines Nation. I could see him doing that. No, I don't know if I think the San Diego thing makes the most sense think that Jim's got a high comfort level out there in the West Coast. A lot of time spent out there and there's a lot to like about something California obviously. For him. I'd be shocked if if the Lions went, you know to the college coaching ranks. I can think of another coach recently from the Big 10, they probably would choose over Jim Harbaugh. If they had a choice. It would be the same school associated with Mr Chris Spielman, who I have a ton of respect for. I think they make a hard look at Urban Meyer before they went after. Jim Harbaugh Man. He was the guy I said from the start the day Patricia and Quinn were fired. I posted at healed Show on Twitter the you'd show on Facebook. I said Give 10 years, 10 Year to Urban Meyer. And let him let him run the team in terms of personnel he needs. He works with the GM, which Spellman would be the great conduit now in his role in the front office of the Lions and Yeah, but now I worry with the Jags having the overall number one pick you have Meyer, who? Still a god. In Florida. You get Jacksonville. You get Trevor Laurence, who? The R P O. He is ran his entire career in high school and head Clemson. How does Urban Meyer if offered, Say no to Jacksonville? No, I don't think he does. And here's another little tip it. There's no personal income tax and the state of Florida. There's another one for you. If you could keep you can keep more of your millions of dollars is your head coach down there, but all those tools at your disposal With a big, fat reset button, And that's a great way to start a tenure potentially as a.

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