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Well you know there were a lot assumptions. There are a lot of substance that were made about two pac and biggie at about what we knew about op them right and and their lives and music that they made and <hes> you know. I thought i was like oh. I thought i knew everything there was no about it. When you read about them <hes> and just like you know the idea that you think that it was like both these camps are going each other east versus west and it was like really nothing. There was a lot more to like. You know a big win and they were never really liked trying to fight these dues. You know what i mean like. They did a lot to you know that some people may disagree with that but <hes> from what we can tell the you know they did a lot to try. Turn down the heat on that. They didn't want anything like that and you know to pacman. You know for everything that people say about him. I mean he was a really sensitive. Do you know what i mean. <hes> a really sensitive he's he's very loyal to the people that are around him and like you could see how things can escalate <hes> you know when whenever we got shot that time here in new york the first time and so yeah <hes> it's just a it was a very personal relationship and that's why the beef got the way that it did because i mean these guys were friends and like you don't win. Some people get you know that are close close and they have a fight or something like that. It can be really ugly. Hey man. I'm looking forward to this man joel anderson checkout slow-burn podcasts at slate. Now's october thirtieth draftees drop yep so we got a little bit of time. They're the fastest ten year old in the united states jeff johnson say man. I wouldn't but eh ladies and gentlemen. Thanks supposed to joining us here on the right time thing a couple of times a week. Mamane gave bassein handles everything behind the scenes. Thank you sir. We do not doing a show on tuesday. Got some gum froyo rian couple of days after that religion no more about that also remember the right time book club with mike freeman tuesday august twenty seventh. We will wrap up the books be sure to check that out tweet about it with the hashtag the right time book club thanks to our sponsor kim's and also check out the woes pot this week. He chats with blazes gar c._j..

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