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Darling kind of played it up on the airwaves, and of course brought in Trump for that extra air support which may have paid off tonight, alpha tally thank you for that down in Florida. Joining us from the headquarters of Republican Senate candidate Kelli ward in Scottsdale, Arizona, NBC news, Capitol Hill correspondent Casey hunt cases. The polls have had the more sort of establishment candidate. The one that is the favourite I think of Republican, Senate leadership like Mitch, McConnell, Martha Sally ahead of Kelly word, jor pile. Any reason to think that could change. Chris, the only reason would be that we have seen so many unpredictable twists and turns in our politics in recent years. That one wants to make sure that we don't say an advanced spec, but I do think. The all the indications and trends are moving in Martha mcsally direction. There were definitely some nerves in Washington there for a while. There was reporting that Mitch McConnell and others had tried to urge President Trump to put his finger on the scale for Martha mcsally in this race, because as you referenced in the intro, this is really been all about who is the closest to President Trump these candidates had sort of been falling all over themselves to show their ties to the president. So that said, though in the last couple of weeks, they have started to feel a little bit better about where Mick Sally stands. So to answer overall question, it would be an extraordinary shock if she didn't, I would say, and it would throw this entire race into turmoil. It's already going to be a close race, even if MC Sally wins. But if our Pyo were to win, there's definitely a feeling that that would throw the general election of the Democrats. We should note here. In this case, you've got sort of one kind of one candidates. Favored at establishment to challengers more associated with Trump is that was sort of the opposite in Alabama, right? Where you had the one established, you had the sort of two different kind of establishment, Tara characters, ROY Moore. So the Matthew works excel favor, but to give a sense of just how intensely extreme the fidelity to Donald Trump has been in the primary. I wanna play the little clip of the interview you had with Joe are pile today about the passing of John McCain. Take a listen. Do you think John McCain is a patriot. A hero. Does hard for me to answer why? Why? I'd never add a hero. My life until several months ago I woke up and after seventy five years, I found my hero who that person is Donald Trump. Sort of says it all Casey. In many ways. It speaks for itself, Chris, and obviously Joe are Pyo somebody who I mean, I suppose if the president had pardon me for crime. You would you would you would be happy with, said president, obviously, has you would pile has a very difficult legacy with immigration here in the state and somebody who's been extraordinarily divisive here in Arizona and become a national figure divisive figure. And he was with President Trump from the beginning. In our interview, he underscored that repeatedly Kelli ward has tried to show he walk into Kelly words office. There's a giant cardboard cutout of Donald Trump with Kelly word sticker on his lapel. She in the bottom of a press releases notes that back in two thousand seventeen, the president wants tweeted at her praising her tells you what, what they're they're pushing for. But at the end of the day, the fact that the president has stayed out has not said vote Kelli ward or vote jar. Pyo is a victory and Asya of relief at least interest Washington Republicans. As I hear all the stress behind the scenes in your Iressa tation of this of this race case. Thank you very much. Thanks Chris for more on just what we're expecting tonight and win. Let's bring in MSNBC national political correspondent Steve Kornacki at the big board, big picture, Steve. What are we looking at? Chris things got really interesting in Florida in this democratic gubernatorial primary we said coming into Gwen, Graham was the favourite. She led an all the polls. Frankly, second-place. It'd been Phil Evine the former mayor Miami Beach. But the story at this hour is Andrew gillum. The mayor of Tallahassee he is over performing expectations that is safe to say he is very much in this thing..

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