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It's on the South Coast. The Fall River home where Andrew and Sarah Borden were hacked to death allegedly by their daughter, Lizzie. Well, it's open and doing a booming business. Despite the pandemic, I think because of Salem being kind of shut down that were a little crazier than normal. They're scaring up a lot of business at the Lizzie Borden bed and breakfast, where overnight reservations and tours are nearly booked solid for the entire month of October. Operations manager Jerry Pacheco says the Borden House is known as one of the most spirit active sites in the area. If you Believe in that kind of thing, And he doesn't think it's Lizzie spirit that is haunting the house. Mr Borden Borden runs this place felt everyone and I got to go in the house has come to let us do stuff. Permission. Dio is still there. Also doing two sold out ghost hunts at Maplecroft, October 30th and 31st. That's where Lizzy moved with her sister. After the murder trials. Kim Tonic left W. B Z Boston's news radio and over on the Cape in high end as a man wearing a Sound suit carrying a baseball that was arrested over the weekend. Police in Barnstable say they responded to the call of veteran speech for a report of a suspect allegedly thwacking someone's car with a bet when they got there. They said they found Justice Almond of East Ham. He was only arrested, though on a warrant for driving with a suspended license. 5 57, and if you live in a red zone area for covert in Massachusetts, you might get a text tonight. What's in that message coming up in the news at six with Madison Rogers. Facebook knows that voting this year is a.

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