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Oh my God. It's at the Chili's. It's always at. I guess Corey previous Corey found it. Was I so excited about the Chili's apparently? Walked into Chili's and not been that excited. No. Because even if that other things happening, they always got Skillet caso. So it'll be fine. Imagine in the middle of that other thing there's the Skillet case oh comes out. And you're just like, ooh toys. Hello, not choices. We're putting them all together. You don't want that hot Skillet in the middle of the hell. I don't. My two favorite things. What Chili's is known for and Skillet caso combined together. I'll honestly I'm telling you this. If they said it on somebody's back you can do this. Or if you do this skill. Akeso is gone forever. I'm gonna pass. Yeah. Here. A lot of that Corey knows. All right on a more serious note gas. I think Corey may have come up with Vanu motto for our show. Impressive. You set out to find a cabinet set out to build a cabinet. But had no instructions. I'm telling you. That should be the new t shirt, the KFC masterpiece they set out to build a cabinet. But had no instructions that's what I think about this show this segment. So frequently encapsulates what this show is about. But what Cory just said can we play that one more time? Because what Cory just said is what this show is is this you set out to find a cabinet. That's it out to build a cabinet. But had no instructions. You know, what's funny like a lot of times I'll read texts and then we'll use those drops. Or I'll read something from the five as a list and will use it as a drop is this. That's from my brain that right? There came directly from this thing. Right. I don't doubt it right on top brain. You know, what else that's currently came directly from your brain. That's really controversial Corey the. Yes. Yes. It is. Because you set a lot of terrible things and this one I feel like you need to explain I don't wanna hear a woman talk about sports. Man. Wow. Right. So. Is a time when we worked at this station. And there were lots of women on the station frequently yes. And for some reason, lots of texters would text in yell about those women and how they didn't want to hear him talking sports. No, well, no. We don't have to go back that far. Really nice people were actually the worked here. Not the people texting. Right. And I mean, you never know those could have been nice people to hate. And you know, what Jane has gone on to do. Tremendous work with the NFL network sideline games as well. She's amazing at what she does. We're not allowed to mention the other one. I don't know. So the jasmine the whole like nobody knew we were talking about come on that being said last night, you had the the combination of Hannah storm and Andrea Kremer on Amazon prime and. And how did the numbers turn out there? Kevin. So they were okay. But a lot of people were complaining because Amazon has twelve different audio options. They're like why is it? The only one. Okay. I don't know why it has the same voice of those people who didn't want to hear from the women. I'm not really sure about. So that's kind of what that was all about there is that there are going to be people that say that there are other people that are going to be like, you know, what I do wanna hear a different way of how things go. There you go. There you go. Serious vacuum Parker. All right gas back to me. Let's whiteness mood up a little bit with something called me said see if you're talking about that section, then it's my. What what you say? But did you close on radio? Again, did I say penis? What? You did. And I believe. But going.

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