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Steal. Very popular bit that Colin does, but I'll call it were Bernie was right. And we're burning was wrong in about 15 minutes. Dave share Pan a long time. Las Vegas oddsmaker good friend of mine. He'll join via phone will chop up week. 17 and Talk about the championship game. Alabama, Ohio State, etcetera. And you know, the NFL is entering its most important month. So is we said, you know, they always remember what you did in December tomorrow, Boy. There are a lot of games that are very, very pivotal. That will determine the fates and whether or not guys we're going golfing next week, they're preparing for their first round upon Fortune entertainment, But they're more than that. There are shared experiences. Such people want to talk about them. You've come to the right place. We've got a lot to talk about tonight. This is straight out of Vegas. The pregame show you always wanted. As they say in Tommy Kramer, Minnesota. Gonna be lit right before I get Into the key storylines that are taking shape. There's really a couple of big ones. That will take us in the week. 17 weeks 17 in and of itself. I believe offers a lot of very intriguing and you know, opportunistic chances to make yourself some money. And you might not think that But here's what I see that There's an old adage in you know when people talk when two teams get together, it's not just in the NFL. It's a must win game for selling so well. I've never liked that terminology anyway. And I've never Subscribe to it because let's take the NFL there 32 teams in the NFL. As the season winds down, 31 of the 32 teams will lose the game. They quote must win. You get my drift, so merely backing a team that must win. Isn't Isn't any strategy at all. The reality is teams that need to win in week 17 to get into the playoffs, or we need help with a loss. Well. In the last five years, there've been 38 of those. They've gone 15 and 23, which is a lousy 39% against the spread, And this is when they're playing teams was zero incentive. And if you're curious over those 38 teams will 13 of them lost straight up on the Moneyline didn't even win and they were favorites. If you focus solely on fear, it's they're laying more than a few goal. The case for feeding these must win teams becomes even more glaring. Because if you bet against them You're 19 and nine. That's 68% against the number. And if if you think this sample size is too small, well, If you look at the last 150 games were this scenario has reared its head 60% against the spread. When you fade, the teams that must win, and in a minute, I'm gonna get 23 games. That fall under that category. For tomorrow. First just for giggles. Let's take a walk down memory lane. We have a very discerning audience here with a good memory, and we've got fans from all around the country. Let's start with the Vikings fans in 2003. I know you remember this one. Week 17. They were laying 7.5 against the Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals were only three and 12 And the Vikings just needed a win. You don't need to cover they just needed to win to clinch a playoff berth. The Arizona Cardinals didn't cooperate. They were led by Josh McCown. They scored a touchdown in the final seconds 21 18 to 17 and they eliminated the Vikings from the postseason. By the way, the The Vikings also lost a week 17 game in a similar scenario the next season to the five and 10 Redskins quarterbacked by U C L. A. Is Patrick Ramsey. I was about to take a shot of Patrick Ramsey. But that would have been fair and Brian Finley when I liked it, all right. 2006 The San Francisco 40 minutes really sucked. Then they were getting 10 against the Broncos, and they shocked the Broncos, and what's really unique about this game is that all the Broncos had to do? Was win or tie the 69 40 Niners and Week 17 2 points her ticket to the dance. Remember lead you said the wind or tied well. Alex Smith of the 40 Niners let a game tying drive to force overtime at the end of the game, so they're tied. If the Bronco if the game just would've ended right there they would have loved to have had the time would have advanced. But Nope, The 40. Niners went on a field goal in overtime in the Broncos. Will you get nothing and like it just males? 2008 the Raiders. They sucked in 2008. They were getting 11 points in week 17 against the, uh, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Quarterback that day. You may remember JaMarcus Russell hitting running back by the name of Michael Bush, and he went nuts. Went nuts that day. The 4 11 Raiders. They went on the road into Tampa be catching 11 points. Yes, they ended the buck season and believe it or not, the Raiders had to come from 10 down in the fourth quarter. And the Bucks their fourth street lost in the season. So situation where the bucks not only, you know Evening date had looked like they were in the playoffs for a month, and they really blew it. Bangles. Just three years ago, they were getting it against the Baltimore Ravens Ravens were the Bangles for 69. The Ravens lost and you get the picture by now. Okay, There are lots of examples. And there are gonna be more tomorrow. One of them heard Aaron talking about this game with Arnie. The Titans are laying 7.5.

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