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It does seem to suggest that it probably not doing alot of the mental work that your brain and social skull is doing but it is certainly the case that you've got potential for neural properties elsewhere in the body so so you have the the competing power up a cat in your built in some sense them only if you equate size i think he probably just never so mama brains are just undifferentiated they've got structure to them and i think what we've got people main is you we gather together all those neurons it would be about size that brain would make it work like that brian which raises the question of branded the brain is not just the massive the neurons the way that is connected together and not only that i think that's been a maybe loss 100 years old bit longer where there was really a possibility to seek of the brain as just one thing one computer doing everything and what we really have discovered is sit there are many many specialized brains in it all reminds you could say that and they actually they're they're they're too graphically distinct and that's really absolutely wonderful and one of the things that we all trying to find out is which if these are really there at bath which is these are putting their buyer experience and how can be changed and that that is all part of our research and it exactly likely to says you've got these structures and there is quite interesting to look it take account of evolution really perspective because brains have been around for a while if you go to london zoo that goes i mean the rattle house labor crocodile skull in its massively credit teeth and this great because nostrils and the eye holes and right back and it's really thick well the back there is something heritage size of the top joins my little finger which is very small and dancing and that.

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