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The perspective of the inmate now the inmate is structurally a male and his two day structurally a male and under massachusetts law the department of correction can assign that inmate to a male prison but the mail the prison who is the the transgender woman who is structurally male job remains structurally male wants to drop serve prison time in the woman's prison in framing him so now we had literally a federal lawsuit they are a federal case out of it you know we hear all of this stuff about how different people want to be called different things the some people who a man bought to be called per or she uh others want to be called him or he even though they might be female uh others want to be called zee they don't want to identify with any any individual low all of that is nice but when stance with tech the prison system you do the crime you got to do the time in my opinion did not asking not to do the time but this inmate with the help of the group and by the way we did invite uh the spokes the director of the transgender rights project ed g l b t q legal advocates and defenders assuming jennifer lea by a levy i'm not sure how to pronounce her name is a lawyer that would be the gay lesbian by transgender transsexual queer legal advisers and defenders salt i'd like to hear from you and if you are very lightened and you think that people now should be able to choose where they would do their time it would seem to me that this would be an imposition on the women at framing him mci framing him to have a structurally physically intact male taking showers and using facilities and sleeping i don't know how many jobs they're out to a to a cell well no wien arougd say look will ob we'll protect women at mci and we'll have this uh this inmates somehow isolated or quarantine cordon off whatever frazier want why can't you do that.

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