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They got. Bill quarterback. John. Longtime friend Sean Salisbury. This is the Sean Salisbury show. Welcome back down number four shot sows ratio here on sports talk seven ninety joined now. The covers the NFL on the Green Bay packers among other things for the Green Bay Post Gazette Darty joins us now. Here Pete Welcome, and let me start here I I contend after all these years of watching Rogers who is great at taking his anger and spreading it out and beaten up on other teams after the embarrassment in Tampa. that. If I was Texans I would have rather had Aaron. Rogers throw for four fifty and four touchdowns last week. Then having him come here embarrassed beat up and ready to roll after last week. What say you Yeah I'd I'd have to agree with that. I don't I just I'm thinking back through his career and once he became a good player and you know late two, thousand, nine, two, thousand, ten in there I just don't remember him having to bad games in a row. And this was as bad as a I mean he he's only thrown. He'd only thrown to pick six coming in to this game. I ain't his career and this was his third and then the next possession he throws another interception it might as well have been a pick sex 'cause they brought it back to the two and that completely changed the game and He was He's been it always. You know everything's by zoom now of course. And since camp all of his he doesn't WanNa once a week thing plus after games in all competitions so far this year he had been really light and in a great mood and introspective an interesting. And yesterday. He was just really subdued and. A little on the surly side. So yeah. This is obviously a couple of the other players were Kinda. Like that too so you can tell that they're really really bothered by what happened at down at Tampa is this team they were really good last year and kind of what at thirteen and three they didn't most people didn't even give them the national respect they deserve with that record I contend when they're healthy, they're better this year.

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