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A start anyway. Back to the thing at hand cheating it's not for poc rec- which exists. It's the fact that i think. Many of these governors are intelligent people and they love their families which they've taken out into restaurants therefore there is actually in should be an ongoing debate as to why a parking lot for a big box store like by. My house is jammed. Pack now one parking spot open. Why are those people any safer than a restaurant with plexiglass. I just don't get it. And i think there's and i don't think this has really been discussed. You and i have talked about it a couple of times saying. Why is this big big box store safe and the rest is and we've talked about this. No one really dissuaded. I do do do before he leads us. We do a lot of setup serta get. Make sure this works Sorkin is going to defend the big box stores as being totally different totally different scientists finn. I think what you might. You might make the argument. Even though he doesn't do it. You might make the argument that well when you go into a costco which is open. There is almost like being outside. The roof is a mile high. There's a lot of airflow in there and it's like being assessed. So it's different than a small boutique in my complaint of courses that people go into target or costco and buy clothes. But they can't go into a small boutique and by close right now. That argument about the boxer. I want people to keep in the back of their mind. The concept death target doesn't have the ceilings correct target is just as far as i'm concerned a department store they'll know the target remember. This is a financial show. Were meant to hype certain stocks to make sure people buy them. Why are those people any safer than a restaurant with plexiglass. I just don't get it. And i think there's a million of these questions that could be asked and i think it's really sad that when we look at the service sector and all the discussions we've had about the losses that that particular dynamic isn't studied more is it worked more more people in a room and try to figure out ways so that the service sector employees and employers could all come back in a safer way. You can't tell me that. Shutting down which is the easiest answer is necessarily the only answer i just just as a public health in public service announcement. This is my favorite as a public health and public service announcement. I'm andrew ross. Sorkin and i have written billion so let me tell you what the scientists for the audience. The difference between retailer. I'll say who's that the difference between the different who different like how the co-hosting who else man you know who it is. It's the douche who wealth. Could it be three. Taylor hold on the difference between that big box retailer and restaurant or frankly even a church are so different. Unbelievable our really attractive. I disagree you're gonna have your thoughts to wear. I disagree science. It's is see that's the problem dammit. Whenever you and i disagree over something john eight. We the the the way used to arguments online was your hitler. Say science if you say that end of discussion because you can't dispute science find different story. Roger people at a law aren't any safer than one hundred fifty people in a restaurant that hold six hundred. I don't believe it sorry. Don't believe and a lot of restaurants then fought back and they don't have any problems and the robed okay. You don't have to believe but let me just say this. You're doing this service out of the viewer because the viewers need to understanding a viewer. You are you are. i'm sorry. I'm sorry if i would like to keep our viewers. Healthiest human. the idea packing people in the restaurant. I think our user smarter not that. I'm much smarter. Then of you're like some people do get in here please. Don't like mommy and daddy fighting for your work for you. I mean look at the numbers and then this guy. Rick look at an disguise at who's this this is the fat head got look at the numbers. Rick how's that working out for you rick. Why don't you just say he should just added. These people are dead because of trump rick. You know that it's working out. I think the numbers ally rick rick. The numbers show that. I understand that when people are getting sick and dying with this show talking about this. There will be no agreement. Let's move on from here. He's done they're gonna fire him sorkin or rick vic. I don't think so. I mean if if they don't he then he read book it if okay all right. That's that's worthy one. If if they don't fire him that'll be the equivalent of having tenure on television. That's for sure. Because that's an. I i hear what you're saying. Let me just see. Date is december. Six twenty twenty. We have eleven thirty one a. m. j. c. d. a. c. rick santelli fires. And tell you yes. Anti covid restrictions. Okay the book. I'm not going to dispute it. Not going to dispute. The science on the other hand is being disputed the number of ways and this one is cropped up recently in ireland as you can recall ireland has pretty much changed their population to their four poster beds closed down the pubs. And that's like cutting off. Oxygen supply Ireland one of the most restrictive regulations. That is rule set. That have been put in place. And there's this woman gemma doherty and she has spent a lot of time going around to as she. she kind of. Looks like the code. Pink lady surname again. You know. I mean. I know the needs to wash your hair. Yeah well yes. The flashy the flask flaccid kind of blonde hair. Thin hair And she's spent time going around ireland exposing on video that the hospitals are empty. Which of course we've seen this set anywhere you can't but she's been doing except always one or two places where you can't and that's where they send the cameras in fact that's reminds me and i have to do this. And i feel remiss for not doing it. Because i've been thinking about it for days on end is these nbc. Cbs abc show people getting a line of cars. Yeah uk shows on a show. Because but it's been a line of cars mile long. Yeah into like a football field lined up for hours to get tested. Yeah i think it's the same line they show for the food bank by burke go to berkeley this week and take a picture of the testing carline testing thing there. There's nobody there but this isn't even testing. This is this is what's happening in. The wards is just not there. They've cut back on personnel no. I'm just saying they. You can find places where there's a long they. That's what he's an camera. Yes so jimmy. Doherty.

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