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The remains of missing college student from El Segundo have been found buried in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake City. Police chief. Mike Brown says a man murdered MacKenzie Luek and then try to hide the body by setting a fire after an exhaustive week investigation. We are filing charges of aggravated murder aggravated kidnapping, obstruction of Justice and desecration of a body. Investigators have still not said how the accused killer and Luek knew each other. The man was arrested yesterday morning. Investigators say cellphone records show the two men in a park a week and a half ago. Andrew mollenbeck, KFI news. Singer elton. John is criticizing Vladimir Putin, over Russia's censorship of gay scenes in his bio, pic, rocket man, John call Putin a hypocrite for censoring, the scenes, because Putin recently said Russia had no problem with LGBT people, and wanted everyone to be happy Hooten has also said, liberal politics, are and the. Embrace of gay culture is excessive governor news is trying to kill a lawsuit. He's trying to end a long running federal challenge to California's lethal injection process, arguing it's no longer valid because of his moratorium on executions, so long as he's an office death penalty opponents don't like the state's plan to use a single powerful drug instead of three a group in favor of the death. Penalty says the case should be dismissed even though the law is still on the books despite the governor's decision and could one day resume. Erin bender KFI news, unless Angeles city council has approved a program to send outreach teams into the streets to provide hygiene and health services to the homeless in high risk areas council approved more than six and a half million dollars to the bureau for the program. The program will also create forty-seven new jobs. Two teams will receive specialized mental health training and deliver public health resources, including daily trash collection and mobile restrooms spoken, word poet, says reentry service in LA county have helped him stay out of jail. In building Bose. Poet, Jonathan Rios performed the piece at the grand opening for LA county's thirty-three million dollar reentry opportunity centers, precise block at a time, you can either fail because of or you can succeed despite, but the first time people can see their PO and get housing education, drug and mental health services in the same building for me. It was job programs because I sent out seventy three resumes before I got my first call back and I still didn't get that job. The goal is to remove obstacles, and help people stay out of jail in LA Corbin, Carson KFI.

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