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We're talking to madison banana founder of the nonprofit voices of strength. But he's a tell us what are demanding now so many now fast forward years later so many facts and truth have came out all that that i shared with the first narrative with not true. My brother was dressed. He was assaulted in his home before cups and he did not assault them. And i've seen the video at heard the audio so we want full. Transparency want his case reopened but right now with everything going on in the country and police killings being brought to light and we are acting with other families that all of our cases be open because there is so much corruption so much horrible things behind oliver killings. So that's why. I work with the other families as well because it's happening to all of us. How bad my story is which i just shared a piece of. It's horrible but all the other families that i work with. They have similar stories just as bad just we have our own unique twist to it but ultimately we go through the same things. I'd like to bring thought haridas back into the conversation. This whole issue of reform. There's been all this talk now. In the past year since the death of george floyd about ways to reform or even fund the police you have a long history in dealing with police abuse. What is your sense of where these calls were reform or transformation of policing are going to go on. I'm in full support of all of that. The problem would i'm sitting. Is that if an officer simply says they were there for life. None of those. How that doesn't mean you. Stop everything that you can do. Is late body cameras that that was not happening before you know of accountability project a center on that stuff have been there. A number of things that happens of i personally. I mentioned a second ago. Thirty forty fifty years to life. That's the only gonna stop this however one of the things that we're doing this project is looking at going to the international criminal court at the un and the always version. Also we've gone to the un before the convention on racist we other races. It's not enough to go to the criminal level where they hunt down nazi seventy years after the by buddy such as mentioned families off killings have no statute of limitation. That's why you're able to hunt down. People you with money said is every single family has the story in their powerful. And they have to live in relive in. It's inhumane so i personally think of anybody that comes up with the reforming can pass great it but we can stop there. We have the continuing. It'll transparency access to videos everything you know when when the cameras started happening people said all it's gonna be over now you don't but you know all the jones were talking about how many prosecutions i had to watch probably over a thousand videos by book but you'll keep book Doesn't really matter you can see in. They'll say hi. You didn't see what happened before or those would have announced awards you know. There's a man in out of acres of who was killed a weapon. They found a crucifix on him. The francisco seven there was a daniel who had a state of washington who was killed carrying south. You know we was the great grandson of chief. Joseph air that helpful rate that to me. That's the scariest thing you don't scare then acoustics in a way because everyone has a cell phone so they if they wanna claim that i saw shiny objects and they're gonna find a cell phone. I'm pretty much everybody you know. It's you know the problem is not policed by themselves. It's the judicial system and it's the politicians are cowardly It's our society as a whole you know. Let me tell you even covers every single day. We society based on those that have also basically. We've been i. I look at it like those that are considered human those those that are mattress rate. I just wanted to thank you very much for being with us and say that we want to have you back on when you have your final report. Roberto rodriguez says the director of the rosza database project which just published the preliminary report titled deaths of people of color by law. Enforcement are severely undercounted Roberto rodriguez is at the university of arizona author of several books including yoki a warrior summoned from the spirit world testimonials on violence and police violence in black brown and indigenous communities. Also the book justice a question of race where roberto rodriguez details his own experience after a brutal beating at the hands of la sheriffs in march of nineteen seventy nine and we wanna thank muddy so but eta founder of the nonprofit voices of strength works with families of other victims killed by police. Her own brother michael but eta was killed by woodland california police in february of two thousand seventeen coming up. We go to canada where the bodies of two hundred fifteen children have been found on. The grounds of former residential. School were indigenous. Children were sent after being forcibly separated.

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